Friday, May 4, 2007

Trying something new... Smack Off '07!

EDIT: If you don't listen to the Jim Rome show on a regular basis, you may not understand the humor or might even be offended (doubtful but possible). Just wanted to drop that quick disclaimer...

If I have time to do this, things at work must be slowing down... I figured maybe I'll try live blogging my takes on the Smack Off... ok, not so live since it's already 12:30pm EST so we're 30 minutes into the show... But here goes (all times shown EST):

12:31pm - Currently, Jeff in Vancouver is talking smack, following Jeff in Richmond (2002 smack off champ) who just completed one of his best efforts.

12:32pm - Jeff in Vancouver finished his line with "I'm oooot". Like Rome is saying, this his first ever smack off appearance and a very solid one at that!

12:33pm - commercial break - Jeff (on a car phone) in Phoenix opened up the Smack off 07 with a very weak take, cracking on other clones but just generally bad. But is it just me or do all opening callers always suck? Last year, Jeff in Richmond did it and I thought it was awful. Well, at least Jeff in Richmond stepped it up this year. Of the three callers, I think right now, he's at the top of the list.

12:38pm - back from commercial break. Rome's going over emails. One emailer "It's oooover, it's ooooover! Crown is going to Jeff in Vancouver!" LOL - hilarious

12:44pm - Rachel in Houston just got run!!!!! First caller to get run! WOW. And I thought it was a very good effort from her. It definitely had its moments. But Jim said it best... This is the smack off. If you're gonna take up that much time, you better have unbelievable material. I still think she's the best "alleged" female caller.

12:48pm - Emailers crackin on Rachel being a guy... This is always my favorite.

12:50pm - Greg from Vegas calling. Best caller to never win the smack off.

12:52pm - Greg from Vegas... weak effort. This might be the worst call of the day... and that's saying a lot cuz Jeff (on a car phone) in Phoenix wasn't all that great.

12:55pm - Mike in Wichita coming up!

12:57pm - Just busted out laughing when Mike goes "Angelina Jolie begging world hunger to end? She doesn't look like she consumed a full meal in years herself." And then the segment ends so his time ran out.... Weak.

At the end of first hour, my personal top 2 are Jeff in Richmond and Jeff in Vancouver.

1:10pm - Terrence from Sierra Madre (another "best caller" never to win the smack off) is up. THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST CALL. "A tie is like kissing your sister... unless you're from Arkansas, then it's a win!" This was freakin hilarious. This might almost be good enough to win!

1:20pm - Joe in the OC after all the emailers giving props to Terrence.

Wow... Joe just ripped Jay Mohr, talking about how does he have time with "Last Comic Standing, More Sports, and his marriage being cancelled." Ouch!

1:25pm - Quick transition... Joe from the OC finishes his strong smack and Lear in Annapolis is up next!

Um... is it just me who can't understand this guy? He's talking so fast, if they run this call through that slow down machine, then maybe we can all understand. That's like having a 10 minute speech and finishing it in like a minute...

Rome said he can't drive as fast as Lear can talk.

All I want to know is where is Vick in No Cal? Where is Caublinasian?

1:36pm - Here it is!! 4 time champ. The Caublinasian! Sean, the Caublinasian!

HOLY SHIT! That was a hilarious opening. Following up on his last year's winning smack off take (where he said he'll buy a dog, name it Carbone (who gave Sean some beef before), he started off with a dog barking in a background and tells him "Hey, Carbone! Hey Carbone! Sit! Down! Down! Good girl!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL that was awesome!

Oh now, I can't wait till Vick comes on cuz the Caublinasian is ripping on Vick. He was RIPPING on Vick. That was awesome. A good shot at the one for his thumb.

1:57pm - Carbone now comes in, just ended his call and it was a very good one. Lots of solid smack... too bad I didn't get a chance to jot down any of it.

At the end of hour #2, here are my top 3
1. Terrence from Sierra madre
2. Sean the Caublinasian
3. Stevie Carbone

admittedly, 2 and 3 are very close. But I think this might be the year for Terrence!

2:08pm - Iafrate calls in. This was ok.

2:14pm - Silk comes in strong. Admittedly, these guys have strong takes but are now fading behind the strong strong showing from Terrence, Sean, and Carbone. That's my top 3... apparently, the emailers are also giving a lot of love to Greg in Vegas... unreal.

2:26pm - Jay Mohr punching back hard!!! Calling out Joe in the OC! Nice. "Joe in the OC. I know you. You're an overweight out-of-job car salesman who thinks he's funny which makes you perfect for the radio show caller but can't do anything else." NICE!

2:38pm - Urin in Denver (ok, it's actually Orrin) calling in! Let's see if he flames out like he usually does.

2:44pm - Orrin actually came through pretty strong. This leaves one segment and no sign of Vick from No Cal... Disappointing. I was pretty much looking forward to this show, only to see what he was gonna drop... dropping attendance was one thing I didn't expect.

2:52pm - Sean the Caublinasian, once again takes it down!! That dog barking in the background (calling him carbone) never gets old. And his closing "I'll be on my cell." Nice!


Sia said...

I didn't get to hear the whole smack off but I was PISSED when Mike in Wichita got run because the show needed to go to a commercial break. That was on its way to being a great take.

Anonymous said...

Get back to work!!