Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nothing really

These days, I feel like I got so much going on that I really haven't had time to play poker... I think I'm averaging maybe 4-5 hrs per week... maybe a little more but really not that much more. As such, I'm struggling to come up with contents for this blog. Where has my time gone? Well, honestly, most of my time these days are spent working, vacationing/going out of town (I was in NY this past weekend), working out (my first triathlon is coming up in a month), etc... Very little poker and this kinda makes me sad because I want to play more... I just don't have the time.

But anyways, the main reason... errrr, the only reason I'm writing this post is to give props to LJ. Though we haven't talked in a while (since my company banned gchat), her text message in the middle of the night (LJ, midnight in Vegas = 3am EST) reminded me of WSOP and the fact that my nemesis as well as the only other blogger that I haven't met that I really would like to (wow, that was a long description of cmitch) are out there donking it up. Actually, that description of cmitch is not true. These two donks avoid blogger gatherings like the plague too.

But anyways, yeah, go give LJ some love since she just came in 10th in the WSOP Horse event. Fawkin aye. She was 9 people away from a god damn bracelet!!!! That woulda been so awesome but nonetheless, an awesome run. Maybe her new employment made her an even better poker player??? For those of you that don't know, she's director of marketing at CardRunners. So awesome. I love my company and my job but honestly, I'm wasting my life away. I'm in nowhereville VA and every time I go back to Tokyo or visit NY, I'm reminded of how much I miss the city life and how bored I am in suburbia. Don't get me wrong. Richmond is a very nice city... if you want a fuckin family. But for a single guy, it's boring as shit. I love my friends here and if I move, I will miss them a lot. But convenient, quiet, and good school district aren't exactly high on my priority list when those things come at the expense of entertainment. So, that's my long way of saying that I'm looking to get the fuck outta here. I might have an opportunity to move to NY within my company so worst case scenario, I'm moving to NY by Jan of 2010. Best case scenario? Finding something even before that and moving to Tokyo or NY. But either way, before I do anything, I know I have to go visit these two clowns as well.

GL to everyone in Vegas! And LJ, as I promised, I'll look up tickets for the weekend and if I find a decent flight, I'll go out there, even if it's just for the weekend. I mean it is the WSOP after all.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

OMG a blog post!

It's funny how what you intend to do and what actually happens are totally different. 3 weeks ago, when I was leaving for Japan, my thought was "phew, I'll finally be able to take a much needed break, relax, and maybe play some poker." Naturally, I figured I'd catch up on reading other blogs as well as post a few times while I was there. Instead, my 14 day stay in Japan was a complete blur. Some nights, literally.

There are so many things that I can recap. But even for me, mr my-life-is-an-open-book, I don't want to disclose all... plus it would just be a needlessly long blog post. So, I guess I will just summarize a few points...

- in a totally random coincidence, my boss from my old job (who is also my mentor and a friend) was in Japan and we spent a day together showing him around
- it is possible to never leave an apartment on the 9th floor and lose pieces of clothing... and I don't mean in a good way...
- when I first got home, my two best friends from high school kept trying to convince me to move back... by the time I was leaving, they said "maybe it's good that you don't actually live here... if you did, I would probably get divorced and F will never find a job."
- My two best friends from high school are also the best wingmen in the world. M & F, you guys are the shit!
- I will never ever lie about my age and where I live anymore. I am a 33 yr old in Richmond, VA... hopefully, that will change soon.
- I ate raw liver. That's right, raw liver. Sounds nasty, I know. But it's soooo much better than cooked liver.
- I ate whale, obv raw. Best sashimi I ever had. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm generally anti whale hunting. But it was sooooooo good. So Greenpeace, you can eff off. tyvm.