Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another race

So last time I updated this blog, I indicated that I was gonna miss my first olympic distance tri because of my trip to NY to hang out with my best friend from high school. As upset as I was that I was missing my race that I trained pretty hard for, I had a blast in NY, just as expected so I have no regrets. Plus I only get to see him like twice a year so it was really a no brainer. So, Monday of this week, I signed up for a 10 miler here in Richmond for this weekend.

Below is the email I received:

"Congratulations Alan T. on finishing the Capitol 10 Miler on October 03, 2009.
For your records, the weather at start time was overcast, 65 degrees F, 93% humidity, wind South 3.5 mph.

There were 58 finishers in the Male 30 to 34 age group and 647 finishers in the 10 Mile Division.

Your overall finish place was 198, your age group finish place was 23 and your gender finish place was 135.
Your time was 1:22:22.99 giving you an overall pace of 8:14 per mile."

What I learned from this race is that I need to train for the half marathon I'm running in December in Vegas. 10 miles is probably the max distance that I can wing it by cross training... the last mile was pretty brutal and hilly but even then, I felt like I was losing it (evidenced by the fact that according to my watch, I was around 72 minutes at mile marker 9). So Trebek, Peaker, you guys are right, I definitely need to start running/incorporating runs into my workout.

I really wanted to do a NY trip report too but updating my blog is fairly low on my priority list these days so as much as I want to (with lots of thoughts floating in my head), I just haven't had the chance.