Monday, April 27, 2009

Results are in!

I'm clearly doing this wrong... but if you click on the little strip below, you can see my result.

Overall, I came in 43rd out of the 60 men competing in the 30-34 age group. My bike portion, which was clearly the slowest (hey, I've only had my bike for a few days) was 52/60... still shocking that I wasn't like last or second to last. 43 out of 60 puts me in the "slower half" but I can't help being very proud of myself.

I mean these are the guys I'm "competing" against... all so scary looking.

Richmond Times Dispatch also has a cool slide show of the Duathlon Nationals.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The night before the race, as I'm getting ready, I keep thinking to myself if only I had two more weeks, I would definitely be more ready and in better shape. And the other thought was why the hell is our start time at 10:50am and why the hell does this have to be the first weekend where the temperature hits the mid 90s (when so far we haven't sniffed the mid 80s until this weekend). Hell, when I worked out outside on Wednesday, just 4 days prior to the race, it was in the 40s... So, I did the only thing I can do at that point which was to focus on keeping myself hydrated.

On the day of the race, I get out and there are tons of people... all looking like they are in kick ass shape. Seriously, I haven't seen a collection of athletic looking people like that since track meets in my college days. As my friend cleverly put it, "it is the national championship of duathlon." Good point. Why did I sign up for the championship event instead of the shorter version??? I mean I know that is what I do but man... why oh why.

Well, all said and done, I was able to complete the race. It was insane tough though. I was literally running on empty from about 16 mile mark of the bike. A funny thing did happen early though... 1.6 miles into the race (10k run), we come to the train tracks... and there is a train crossing... literally, we were stopped for 6-8 minutes (depending on when you got there) and the race officials had to come out to issue the official ruling (keep in mind that top 4 from each age group qualifies for the world championship in Sept so some of them were very fired up about this). I think the official ruling was that they are going to take 8 minutes off the race chip time. Well, getting that out of the way, the race continued.

By the time the 10k portion was done, I was actually feeling fatigued. This is not like the Monument 10k race where there are thousands of runners, some slow, some fast. All these guys were fast... hell, so were the girls. Well, another thing I learned was that I'm slow on my bike. Which makes sense since I just bought my bike few days ago... But that's where everyone broke away from me for sure... I mean I was kinda behind after the run but I imagine that I had to be the slowest guy in my age group on the bike. Around mile 8 into the 24 mile bike portion, my calves were starting to cramp up. And again, by mile 16, I was running on empty. I was just doing everything I can to keep pedaling but it was also not a flat course and my quads were burning as well.

The last 5k run portion is actually kind of a blur... I know that I was glad I was off the bike... just different muscle group I guess and it helped... a little. I was so happy to finish though since that was my goal. I don't know my official time yet (not posted on the website yet) but that's secondary, at least for this race. I'll just have a baseline of what to shoot for next time. And yes, even though I felt like death, there will be a next time. I haven't been this proud of myself in a long long time!!!

Oh and once you complete the race, they give you a "finisher's mug" and of course, Richmond Tri Club has a party with pizza from Papa Johns, burritos from Chipotle, and beers (Miller Lite and Yuengling). One free beer for race participants - man, Yuengling out of the finisher's mug tasted especially good!!!

Some picture dump:

Start Line

Different angles of the transition area - where you transition from run to bike and then from bike to run:

My bike racked up at the transition station:

And me kissing my finisher's mug!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok, now I'm FIRED UP!!!!

I went to pickup my registration packet downtown for my duathlon on Friday and up until then, I was pretty nonchalant about the duathlon. I mean yeah, I was getting prepared, moderately working out for it but I wasn't like super psyched about it. Now, don't get me wrong. Despite my prior post, I work out more than the average person. I just haven't done targeted workouts for endurance. So Tue, Thurs, and Fri mornings, I play basketball for like 1-1.5hrs and then usually, on Wed, Fri (yeah I essentially work out twice) and Sun, I lift weights. I do decent cardio on Wed and usually pretty heavy cardio on Sat and Mon. So yeah, I know I work out harder than your average person - I don't want to come across like I do awesome in races without working out because that is NOT the case.

Well, anyways, I get downtown and I find the registration area and like all the other big races I've entered, the set up makes it enough to get you fired up. First off, I got all my goodies that come with the registration fee...

I then spot the finish line which is also right by the "transition area" where I guess we will all be hanging our bikes during our runs. This is where I would love to be able to cross... I don't have a goal time right now and since it's my first, I guess I will focus on completing. But if I could come under 2:45, then I would be pretty happy about myself I think.

And ultimately, this is where I would hope to avoid...

Wish me luck!!

My new ride

As I was getting ready for the duathlon, I have been contemplating what to do for the biking section. This is pretty typical me... I sign up for a duathlon without a serviceable bike for a race. Don't get me wrong. I have a bicycle. But it's one of those hybrid bikes... essentially, it's a mountain bike with road tires. And for those of you who are actually bike connoisseurs, it's got thick wheels, the gear change happens when you switch the knob on the handlebar or sometimes randomly. Nonetheless, I figured, well, I have a bike so whatever... and I wanted to try something different so that's kinda how I signed up for the duathlon... pretty much on a whim. I mean I've never ran more than 6.2 miles (this is still true - which could be a problem for me on Sunday) and I figured my next step would be to do a half marathon... but duathlon sounds more fun.

Leading up to the duathlon, I was fairly content with the idea of doing it with my bike. I mean sure, it's not as good as a road bike but it works. I worked out on the stationary bike quite a bit and then few weekends ago, I biked 18 miles on that bike and even though it was really hard, mainly because it was kinda cold and windy, I decided that it was still passable. Well, after talking to a guy at work about it, he mentioned to me that there was a guy selling his used road bike and he was telling me how much difference it makes. So, I tried it out and I felt like it was a little different but because I didn't know what I was looking for, I still didn't think much of it.

Well, this past weekend, I decided to at least go check out a few bikes. I spent about 3-4 hrs at the bike shop, trying out maybe 5 or 6 different bikes, some totally out of my price range... and then I realized something. These bikes do make a difference. It felt so much smoother and easier. After doing price comparisons, I realized that the used bike that a coworker was offering was not that great of a price... eventually, I ended up purchasing this bike (a Fuji Roubaix Pro '09 - yes, like cars, they have the year of the model):

It's a decent bike for an entry level biker and it set me back like $1400 ($1100 for the bike, bike rack, shoes, pedals, etc). Yes, I know... it sounds insane... but that's like the low end of bikes too. Who knew, that these bikes that YOU pedal, cost so much. On Wednesday, I bought this bike and promptly went on a 20 mile bike ride (I mean the race is this Sunday so I don't have much time - yes, I'm a last minute guy) and oh my god... it was so much easier to do the 20 mile ride than it was to do the 18 mile on my other bike. I mean so much easier. I am now glad that I bought this bike because it will definitely help me on race day. And believe me, considering that so far, I have yet to run more than 6.2 miles, I have yet to bike more than 20 miles, and yet, the races is 6.2 mile run, 24 mile bike, AND 3.1 mile run, I will need every help I can get... but then again, I never do the entire distance of the race when I train (most I ran leading up to the 10k was 4.5 miles and that was only once) so we'll just see how I do. Who knows, on Sunday afternoon, I might be writing about how I couldn't finish the race (first two segments have to be completed within 2.5 hrs or they won't allow you to do the third segment)... it's supposed to be 90+ degrees on Sunday. Fuckin shit.

Maybe I shoulda spent longer than 3 weeks training for it... The joke amongst the guys I play ball with in the mornings was that by the time I signed up for the duathlon, I should be starting to ease off the training so I can peak at the right time. Since I signed up like 4-5 weeks ago and I think 4 weeks ago was the 10k race, yeah, I probably shoulda been better prepared but oh well. We shall see.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I can breathe again... this could be more of a twitter type entry... With earnings call right around the corner, I am "on call" this weekend. However, I am gonna go out tonight to blow off some steam after working pretty sick hours recently. I have a few things I want to blog about (some even poker related!!! shocking, I know) but for now, I just got home from work and just popped open my first cold one. Man, it tastes good. Most likely hitting the clubs tonight... don't wanna get too drunk since I got a pretty heavy workout planned tomorrow (assuming I don't get called in to work) since my duathlon is coming up next weekend. Wait, did I even mention here that I signed up for one? Yes, me, the guy who never ran more than 6.2 miles at once in my life is attempting a duathlon (6.2m run, 26m bike ride, and 3.1m run)... and those are miles, not meters (for anyone in foreign countries who follow the metric system). I'm gonna be dead after the race for sure but it should be fun. We'll see how well I do. Alright, back to relaxing, at least for the evening. I'm out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Foot fetish anyone?

I do apologize for the delay in posting this. It was totally unintended and I really wasn't trying to build any anticipation. With quarter end, work is super busy and I just never got the time to post.

The closest answer was jjok... with the hammer toes. It certainly reminded me of this...

Well, the actual answer was that she had effed up toenails. Yes, I know I know... that sounds so stupid. But really... she was telling me how she hurt her foot and so she took her socks off and showed the section that hurt. No bruise or anything so the conversation had more to do with she didn't know how she hurt it. Meanwhile, I'm looking at her toe nails and thinking "OH MY GOD. Those are the biggest, weirdest shaped toe nails ever." I mean seriously, her nail on her big toe was like the size of her toe itself... and weirdly shaped. I really wish I could have taken a picture so I can post it here because I really don't know how else to describe it.

So anyways, one thing leads to another, we're making out but I can't get the picture of the toenail out of my head. And it's not like one of those "wouldn't it just grow out?" kinda thing. It's just... weird. The exposed area of her toenail is like almost round... I don't know man, it just kinda freaked/grossed me out.

I'm not a foot guy or anything... (not that there's anything wrong with that either if you're into that kinda stuff) But I guess I should clarify. I'm not a foot guy in the sense that a) I don't really check out feet and b) having beautiful feet doesn't turn me on. However, apparently, ugly feet turns me off. Honestly, I still can't get that out of my mind.

I am shocked though that no one guessed effed up nails.

Nonetheless, the comment section was gold. And yeah, most of the stuff listed in the comment section would also be bad... but effed up teeth? I wouldn't even go out with her in the first place... For me to go out with the girl a few times, it had to be something not immediately noticeable. How common is an outie btw? That would def gross me out too. Man, I'm so superficial.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another year older, none the wiser

Note: if you are too lazy to read through the whole thing, at least read the last paragraph. Little contest at the end.

First of all, thanks to all those on Facebook/emails/posts/etc who wished me Happy Birthday. I do have a birthday rant that I can go into but I can do that at another time so I will just share what can only be described as an "interesting" event.

My whole day went like the normal/typical day here. Played basketball in the morning, worked all day, yadda yadda. Well, during the course of the day, one of my friends who was determined to take me out for my birthday suggested that we go watch the new movie: Fast and Furious. She knew I was a big fan of the previous 3 (Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, FF: Tokyo Drift) and since I did make a comment that I wanted to go see the latest, it made sense. Plus, it's a Tuesday night so we figured there wouldn't be too many people at the movie theatre. Other people are generally the reason I don't go to movie theatres often so it made sense...

So, all was decided over email and so even though I had enough work to keep me here late, I ended my work day around 6:30pm to get home in time to change/eat before the movie at 8pm.

As I am driving home, I am entering my neighborhood and as I am approaching my driveway, I notice that there's a car parked. I can't think of whose car it is but it looks vaguely familiar. And then right when I get a little closer, I realize who it is... and when I realized it, that "oh shit" feeling entered my mind... you know that feeling when you are busted for doing something wrong? Well, that kinda feeling... except I didn't do anything wrong... but it still felt that way... why?

Let's rewind the timeline....

Few weeks ago, I met this girl at the evil empire of coffee shops. We talked, kinda hit it off, she gave me her number, blah blah blah. We hung out a few times, she seemed pretty nice, pretty cute, and definitely on to me. On my end however, not so much. I mean she's cute - italian, petite, pretty features, etc... but that's about it. Nothing that really wowed me I guess. But anyways, so we hung out a few times and then this past weekend, she just kinda got on my nerve. We're definitely not dating or anything and yet this weekend, she apparently really wanted to see me. So she texted me a few times, emailed me, etc. I kinda blew her off and then I responded to her on like a Saturday, telling her I had to work all weekend. (I did have to work - the "all weekend" part was a lie). Sunday was another beautiful day here so I went to the gym, worked out, did my chores, did some work, etc etc. Then, Sunday night, I get this email from her... ah hell, fuck privacy. I'll just copy and paste it here.

"I hope your day went well today, and that you were able to spend some time outdoors this weekend despite how busy you have been.

I don't know what to say, except that I am really confused. I've wanted to get to know you better...Mr. Cranky Pants and all! :), but it doesn't seem you desire the same. If that's the case, it's fine...err...ummmm...I mean, I'll understand. And it's not bc you have been so busy, rather I admire your passions and work ethic. It's bc... I feel kinda trivial to you, especially today.

I so much hope this is just a misunderstanding"

Ok, let's analyze this for a second (I'm pretty sure I just lost whatever female readership I had). First of all, she's feeling trivial to me???? Um, hello? We're not even dating. We just saw each other like 3-4 times. If this ain't a sign for being needy, I don't know what is. And I did needy girl long time ago and fuckin hated it. So I sure as hell ain't going back to that. Second, for all you ladies out there who think "oh, he's just really busy but he'll call back later." Um yeah. Let me tell you something. He's just not that into you. Period.

- Back to where I left off earlier....

So, I realize that the car parked in my driveway is none other than this girl... Now, after my previous paragraph, I do feel a little guilty because she was dropping off her home made chocolate chip cookies (cuz she knows I like chocolate chip) at my house... I so wish I was few minutes late in going home... Anyways, I come up with a lame excuse like "hey, sorry, I'd say we can hang out but the only reason I'm home so early (cuz I indicated to her that I'm working like 15 hr days) is because my friends are taking me out to dinner for my birthday (not a total lie - my friend and I had plans to eat pizza before the movie) and that I'm meeting them at 7pm. She understood, told me she assumed as much, and that she was kinda embarassed because she just wanted to drop off the cookies and leave them by the door. So I thanked her and walked into the house.

That was it in terms of the "interesting" event that I prefaced. My friend and I went to see Fast and Furious as planned and it was freakin awesome!!!! I love that entire series and if you liked the other F&F series, you'll definitely like this one too. And btw, movie on a Tuesday night is the way to go. No one at the movie theatre despite it being spring break week for the kids and there are coupons for like a $1 popcorn... can't beat that.

I will leave you with one thing... I did kinda like this girl and like I said, I did think she was cute... until one day, when we were messing around, there was one thing that I saw/noticed that completely turned me off. I am pretty certain that you won't guess what it was and no, you haters, it's not because she's not a he. But I'll leave you with this. What is it that I saw/noticed that completely turned me off about her?

I'll ship $5 on Fulltilt to the first person who guesses correctly. (if you don't have a fulltilt acct, well, guess anyways, it'd be fun)

PS: I brought the cookie into work... I had some already and they are pretty freakin awesome.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Opinion/Thoughts wanted (nonpoker)

Currently, in my FTP account, I have over 300K in points.. and in looking at the Fulltilt store, I was thinking about getting this:

I've checked out sites like cnet and pcworld and the ratings/reviews are nothing but stellar. If I were to purchase this, retail cost is approx $1,200. Considering what else is in the fulltilt store, it seems like the best value. Currently, I play poker on my apple macbook which is fine but if you know what the macbook looks like, the screen is tiny and playing 6 tables will be pushing it... So, even though I love my mac, for poker and other PC related apps that I use, I was thinking about getting a cheap computer.

Like this one. Top rated value desktop by PC World, doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles but the specs are more than enough to play a lot of the video games (maybe not the super graphics intensive but I don't play those - I'm more the Civ/Age of Empires type of game guy) I like to play, clearly enough for poker apps... $699 for the system (excludes monitor) is not a bad price to pay for a computer with this kinda horsepower.

Also, I've been thinking that it's better to buy a $700 computer every 2-3 years as opposed to buying a $1500-2000 system every 4-5 years (where undoubtedly, by year 3, you are starting to have new computer envy).

So, I would love to hear all your thoughts about the system or the monitor.