Saturday, April 4, 2009

Opinion/Thoughts wanted (nonpoker)

Currently, in my FTP account, I have over 300K in points.. and in looking at the Fulltilt store, I was thinking about getting this:

I've checked out sites like cnet and pcworld and the ratings/reviews are nothing but stellar. If I were to purchase this, retail cost is approx $1,200. Considering what else is in the fulltilt store, it seems like the best value. Currently, I play poker on my apple macbook which is fine but if you know what the macbook looks like, the screen is tiny and playing 6 tables will be pushing it... So, even though I love my mac, for poker and other PC related apps that I use, I was thinking about getting a cheap computer.

Like this one. Top rated value desktop by PC World, doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles but the specs are more than enough to play a lot of the video games (maybe not the super graphics intensive but I don't play those - I'm more the Civ/Age of Empires type of game guy) I like to play, clearly enough for poker apps... $699 for the system (excludes monitor) is not a bad price to pay for a computer with this kinda horsepower.

Also, I've been thinking that it's better to buy a $700 computer every 2-3 years as opposed to buying a $1500-2000 system every 4-5 years (where undoubtedly, by year 3, you are starting to have new computer envy).

So, I would love to hear all your thoughts about the system or the monitor.


OhCaptain said...

If all you are doing is playing poker and games that aren't really graphics card intensive, machines like that are great. The tech needed to surf the web was invented 15 years ago...this machine will be fine. If you don't need the bells and whistles, don't spend the money for them. Dual head video cards are nice if you want to add a second monitor later, but if that's not something you are looking for don't worry.

The 30' monitor looks very nice and should work great for multi-tabling. What else did you want to do with the points? This decision comes down to opportunity costs like in an econ class.

Good luck!

SirFWALGMan said...

That's actually a sweet machine. The 8400 is a top of the line CPU even if it is a few models behind. I like it. Can you modify the deal at all? If you like games at all (which you might not being the super jock you are *chuckles*) then I would see if you could get a graphics card with a little more memory.. but the 8800GT is a solid card.

jjok said...

Sony Bluray is 75K points and costs 399 in the stores, I think.....VALUE BET!


That is an awesome looking monitor......

HighOnPoker said...

I'm not the most tech-savvy guy, but if you are considering buying a new comp whose sole use is for email, internet, poker, and I guess some work stuff, why not just go with a dirt cheap system for $300 from Dell (sans monitor). At that price, you can chuck it in 2 years without thinking twice about it.

Astin said...

A 2560x1600 resolution likely requires a dual-head video card. I think the 8800GT on the box you linked to qualifies. What you won't get with the monitor though, is the dual-link DVI cable that's required to get the full res. So when you're wondering why it's stuck at 1280x800, that's the reason. Just something to keep in mind and purchase seperately.

Using both heads of the video card could put a bit of a strain on a budget system, or at least increase the heat. Since poker clients aren't exactly resource hogs, this won't be TOO much of a problem.