Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I checked my account after I got this email and saw that my account was credited with $54.


PokerStars has become aware of two players who were in violation of our poker room rules. You were involved in one or more hands with these players. You have received a credit as a result. To confirm your credit, log onto your PokerStars account, go to the 'Cashier' screen and click the 'History' button. Your share will be shown as "ADMIN CREDIT", followed by the amount of the credit.

I regret that we are not at liberty identify the specific games or players in question. Suffice to say that the players involved have been barred from the site and you will not encounter them again.

Likewise we will not go into detail regarding the method used to calculate your share of the funds distributed. I can say that it is based on the net amount won using unfair tactics, combined with the number of hands that you played at a table where unfair play was taking place.

The integrity of the games at PokerStars is of paramount importance to us and we will not abide unfair play in our games. We work hard to police our games to assure our players of a fair, secure place to play. In those rare cases where collusion has actually occurred, we make sure that any players affected are compensated appropriately.

Thank you for your continued play here on PokerStars. Please do not hesitate to let us know any time we can be of help.


Dan M
PokerStars Game Security

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I meant to update this sooner but just haven't had the chance...

But today, just like many other days, I played basketball at lunch time with a few others from my company. Things were going well until towards the end, I went after the loose ball and one of the guys undercut me by accident. I came down funny and collapsed on the ground, writhing and screaming in pain. I've felt this before. Last time, it was a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus.

Fortunately, this time, it was just a bruise in my knee. I went to the urgent care facility and after the x-ray and some tug/pull check (for the ligaments), the doctor doesn't think it's ligament damage... which is obviously fantastic news. He told me to be on crutches for a week or two though and he said absolutely no leg exercises for 2 weeks.

Fuckin doctors... they're always so cautious.

So now, I'm limping around in my crutches and will be doing so for the next week or two... but in a great mood because all things considered, this is the best news I could have gotten.