Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I meant to update this sooner but just haven't had the chance...

But today, just like many other days, I played basketball at lunch time with a few others from my company. Things were going well until towards the end, I went after the loose ball and one of the guys undercut me by accident. I came down funny and collapsed on the ground, writhing and screaming in pain. I've felt this before. Last time, it was a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus.

Fortunately, this time, it was just a bruise in my knee. I went to the urgent care facility and after the x-ray and some tug/pull check (for the ligaments), the doctor doesn't think it's ligament damage... which is obviously fantastic news. He told me to be on crutches for a week or two though and he said absolutely no leg exercises for 2 weeks.

Fuckin doctors... they're always so cautious.

So now, I'm limping around in my crutches and will be doing so for the next week or two... but in a great mood because all things considered, this is the best news I could have gotten.

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Bayne_S said...

screaming like a little girl over a boo-boo??