Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Fight! and live cash game

As I still try to recover from the disappointing no show by Vick from No Cal on the Smack Off '07, my next dilemma was to decide what to do for the big fight between the "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Personally, I'm not all that into boxing. It was just one sport I never got into and considering you pretty much have to pay in order to watch it, I just never got into it. I mean if you think about it, if you're not interested, then why would you ever pay to watch a fight? And if you've never seen it, how can you be interested in it? Well, until now when there was so much hype surrounding this fight that I felt like I had to see it. So, all Saturday, I was debating whether I should get it or not until I got a text message from my friend, saying they were playing poker that night and that they were also going to watch the fight. Perfect.
As such, I ended up going over to none other than the site of Park Ave Poker Tour with several regulars of the PAPT already there. The fight was actually surprisingly entertaining. I say surprisingly, only because when there is so much hype, it sometimes becomes anticlimactic. I mean it was like the fight of the century and how could any fight live up to that??? Now this may not have ended up as the fight of the century but all 12 rounds were very exciting. And watching it on a 46" (or is it 42"?) LCD was nice! Too bad De La Hoya didn't win but it was not one-sided like a lot of the experts predicted.
On the poker front, I didn't do so well. $.25/.50 blinds NL and somehow I got stuck $60... at one point, I was back to even and then a string of second best hands really hurt me. A lot of boats last night too... none of which I had... well, nonetheless, it was a good time. It's been quite a while since I mixed it up with the PAPT crew so that was nice. I can't wait to start going back out there on Tuesday nights. I hate it when work gets in the way of my personal life. Oh well, relatively short post here. No significant poker updates as of now but I might post some interesting hands over the weekend later.

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Sia said...

46 inch. Sounds like a good time.