Monday, May 14, 2007

Poker is such an easy game...

When you catch cards... My best outing ever on a 2-4NL table online. Started with a full buy-in of $400... ended with this!

It was pretty ridiculous. Starting off with set over set where I flop pocket 9's vs an opponent's pocket 6s, I quickly double up. Then, shortly there after, I flop quads with my pocket 3's. Slowplay it until the flush gets there and empties the guy who had more than a buy-in who also held AKh.

Then to top it off, I raise from the CO with pocket jacks and get called by a fairly loose player on the button who also had a little more than a full buy-in. At this point, I wasn't willing to play a big pot with marginal holdings until the flop comes A-J-9, rainbow. I bet $35 into a $46 pot to make it look like a standard continuation bet and he calls. Now, at this point, I put him on an ace. Now, I'm willing to play a big pot because there's only one holding that he can have that can beat mine (obviously, pocket aces). So, I bet $85 into the pot that is now $116 because I felt that he's loose enough to make that call. What happened next was even better. He raised it to $200, leaving $216 behind. I reraise him all in at which point he thinks about it for a while but eventually calls... with A-10... that's a donkish call. There weren't too many hands that he could be beating. The river is a harmless 10, giving him two pair against my trips. Another $951 pot.

So there is justice afterall... after the bad karma series early in the month, this was a ridiculous heater... Thank you poker gods.


Fuel55 said...

Very nice

Sia said...

I remember when I made that much in a cash game one time. Oh wait. That never happened. Anyway.....good work. Quads do not suck.