Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PAPT (home game)

So let's say you're in a 11 person sng... I know, that's a little much but let's just say it happens. The blinds are 1-2 with the starting stack of 170. There's a preflop raise to 6 but there are 4-5 players going into the flop. Flop comes Q-6-2, you hold KQs (with a runner runner flush draw), but the small blind goes all in. Yes, all in for 160+ chips to win a 30ish pot. What do you do?

That was the weird dilemma that our friend Sia had to face. Now, a quick background on the small blind. He's uber loose aggressive. Ok, he puts the uber loose aggressive to shame. He's bet and called ridiculous bets in the past with middle pair, he's called the river bet (which was the third barrell fired) with a busted straight draw... no, I didn't just mistype that. He called a river bet with a busted straight draw. He had like 5-6 on a board of K-4-7-x-x and he called the river bet... and obv lost. And it was like a $2 bet into a pot of $200. It was like a third or half of the pot.

So again, with this guy, what do you do?

Well, based on what I've seen in the past, I immediately put him on a hand like pocket tens. But, to answer my own question, I would have folded. KQ is not a hand that I would want to put my entire stack on the line with. However, Sia called... the villain shows Q6 for two pair and it holds and pretty much crippled Sia who busted shortly thereafter. It was definitely a weird start... and in talking to Sia later, his thought was similar to mine. He put him on a middle pair and since it was a raggeddy board and he's not one to think like with 5 people, someone's bound to have a Q (or maybe he doesn't care), Sia thought that there's a good chance he's ahead and so even though he didn't like it, he felt that this was a good chance to double up early.

Well, that pretty much set the tone. The villain was raising and calling with weird weird hands but there were also few guys that would not change their game and so would continue to try to bluff him off hands with their own meager holdings (one hand went to showdown with 3 consecutive bets after the flop and the villain's K-10 high beat the bluffer's K-9 high... the K-9 high had a busted flush draw that he bet on every street). So, he knocked off couple of guys and I was licking my chops to get into a hand with this guy that I felt I had a good read on (well, you don't even need to have a good read on this guy I guess). Except that's all I ended up doing in this game... was licking my chops... I never got anything to get started and I was literally getting blinded down. I mean nothing to work with. The best hand I saw was the last hand that I busted out with... pocket tens when I ran into pocket jacks when I pushed preflop... And this was already when my M was down to like 5, I pushed with (PAPT players, enjoy) 7-9 (everyone folded), 89s (everyone folded), A-10 (everyone folded) and once everyone figured out that I was starting to do this with a very wide range, I find pocket tens and push... only to get called by pocket jacks, he spikes a set on the flop and that's the end of the night for me.

Oh and the villain? He busted out in like 8th place I think. I didn't do much better by ending up 6th... again, no points and no cash... I clearly talk a big game but I might have to start backing it up soon... I hate to be all talk... and broke... :)


JT said...

And who is this uber-loose villian? Initials will do.

tyke said...

It's Tony Creecy - tall friend of RaMel's...... :)

Oh and Alan - I knew you were pushing all in with crap - but I had crap too - so not calling was my only option ;)