Saturday, May 12, 2007

I can't believe I'm partaking in this...

Back to back posts in triple digits... Generally, I don't really partake in this kinda stuff but admittedly, I was kinda excited that others are checking out my blog so I guess I kinda owe it to my limited audience. So, for that, Schaubs, thanks for tagging me. Based on what I've seen on other sites (which I've only seen this on Fuel and Schaub's sites but then again, I don't visit too many blog sites), I guess I have to list 7 little known facts about me and tag 7 other people. I'm not even sure I know 7 bloggers that read my posts so I may just tag a couple... but here goes... (wow, I feel like I'm a teenage kid... hell, more like a teenage girl...hell, make that an ugly teenage girl who tries so hard to fit in...)

1. I have 4 cats. That's right, 4. My allergist rolls his eyes when I complain about my sniffling nose. Before you leave this post based solely on that statement (which I won't blame you if you did), hear me out. I used to date/live with this girl who always complained that I traveled a lot and I was never home (my previous job required me to travel pretty extensively). So, in my attempt to shut her up, I got her a cat cuz she always wanted one. Personally, I hated cats... until you get one. The cats are so misunderstood. I've lived with a dog before and after having the cat, I'm definitely more of a cat lover... mainly cuz they're not all up in my face all the time. Anyways, so I got one. Then she said he needed a buddy so we got another one. By this time, I was clearly a cat lover (any comments questioning my manhood WILL be deleted). So we have two. Then her coworker was going to euthanize these two cats because her fiance was allergic to cats so we took those two cats in. We also found one cat that was always hanging out in our front porch and eventually we adopted him as well. (that's 5 if you're counting). Well, her and I broke up and I met Mrs Recess. She had two cats. I had two of the previously mentioned 5 cats. So, when we merged, we ended up with 4 cats. I love them all. Call me what you want.

2. I lived with the aforementioned cat loving girlfriend for over a year after we broke up... financially, it was great (the house was mine so she was just paying me half my mortgage and bills) but emotionally, it was a disaster. It didn't even feel like a disaster until she moved out and then I realized how bad the situation was. I have Mrs Recess to thank for that.

3. I cried at my own wedding. During the exchange of vows. I broke down before Mrs did...

4. I'm a ridiculously drastic (almost childish... actually, nothing almost about it... absolutely childish) overreactor when it comes to things I believe in... here's an example. On, there was an editorial written that was pretty much bashing poker about how it should be banned and that the UIGEA bill was good because poker is evil, it's gambling, etc etc... a very narrowminded article (even Tim Hardaway and his thoughts about gay people think that's narrowminded). So, ever since then, I declared to my friends that I will never visit And I haven't. I never will. I have never watched Seinfeld after Michael Richard's blunder. And I probably never will.

5. Each week, there are only 3 nonpoker shows that I watch regularly (or DVR'd) - Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and Criminal Minds.

6. Most things in my life can pretty much be defined by words "love" and "hate". I'm always one or the other. I LOVE Friday Night Lights. I HATE I LOVE poker. I HATE Bill Frist. You get the point. Mrs Recess HATES that I'm a hater.

7. I'm Japanese but I recently got my greencard. I speak fluent English with little to no accent, I'm a CPA, worked my way up to being a manager in a regional accounting firm for several years, own a house, now work for a very reputable company as a reporting manager, pay my taxes and still... after 12 years of being in this country legally and trying to legally obtain a greencard, I ended up getting one through marriage and not through work (even though the application has been in the works for over 5 years). Is it just me or does it not make sense that it's a lot harder to be in this country legally than illegally?

Wow, the 7 things about me turned into more of a rant than an actual "little tidbits" about me. Oh well. The following may or may not even read my blog but if you happen to stumble upon here, you're up!







Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Comments on each of your 7:
#1 So who plays the role of Alice? I don't have to make manhood jokes. Too easy.

#2. It took divorcing my Ex to see how bad it was for me. Love might be blind but Divorce is 20/20

#3 Cats, allergic to them as I am, doesn't make me question your manhood. This one does. But I'll give you the "Sensitive Guy" Exemption.

#4 Never say Never.

#5 So who dies in Heroes?

#6 So there is no grey with you.

#7 Don't get me started on immigration.

Hmmm that was fun.

Sia said...

Cats? Yuck. is a joke. I'm a cbssportsline guy.

Alan said...

Telling people I have 4 cats is hard... but it was harder when I was single to say that I had 2 cats... At least now, I can blame my wife, partially... damn... ok, there's no way getting out of this one. I don't even know why I disclose some of the things I disclose.

Heroes: I love the continuous twist that they put in the show. For Nathan who seemingly becomes president, only to find out he's Syler? Amazing. I don't know who's gonna die but I can't wait for tonight's episode. Funny how the Japanese guy in the show has the ability to stop time... and ever since I was growing up, one super power I always wanted was the ability to stop time. AND I'm Japanese... coincidence? I think not!

Blinders said...

Thanks for tagging me. I hate breaking the rules.

lj said...

yay for friday night lights!