Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Always a good time at Park Ave Poker Tour

Finally... things are starting to slow down at work which means more time for me to do things outside of work... which mainly boils down to two things these days... poker and blogging, esp since Mrs Recess is out of town all week this week. I actually want to recap my play from FTOPS since I think it will reflect very accurately how much of a tourney donk I am/give me an opportunity to study and improve my play. And "eel man", thanks for the tip on MTT. I think I see what you are saying and some of your posts really illustrate what you are saying so I appreciate the pointers. And Surf, really, you're too kind but thanks for the comment.

Anyways, so I come home from work and since I don't have to leave for the PAPT until around 7:30, I decided to watch last night's episode of Heroes. Btw, is this site for real? Can you watch these episodes for free? If so, I feel retarded for downloading an episode (actually the very first one) on itunes... Cost me a whopping $1.99.... When I first saw commercials for this show, I thought it might be interesting but since it's rare that I watch tv, I didn't think I would get into it as much as I have... well, I accidentally caught the second episode and from then on, I've been hooked which brings us to second from the last episode on Heroes. The best part about the show wasn't even the show... it was the fact that I was able to laugh at myself for being so dense... I didn't put two and two together until it happened. Since Claire's dad was trying to find the "locator device" in NY, I kept thinking that it would be this big machine... lmao... scene cuts over to the little girl with the special ability to locate anyone and she's proving to Dr Suresh that her ability is back... and then... wait, wait, wait... ooooooh, I get it... locator device... she can locate anyone... aaaaah. :) I'm so clueless sometimes...

Ok, for those of you interested in PAPT (which makes like maybe 3 of us), it was a weird night. First of all (uh oh, this is gonna sound like an excuse), I wasn't in my serious tourney mode... I was more in a splash the pot around a few times mode... and when that happens, I'm really not paying attention to what's going on. Folding the best hand twice on a board that I actually would normally be more aggressive with and then ultimately donking out with A-10 (though I still maintain that wasn't a bad play... I can't help it if someone else wakes up with pocket 10s). But what was interesting was this... I get there, just to find out that we're only gonna have 5 guys playing. The host is out because his dog just ran away... :( Very sad and I offered to help look for her but apparently, that's what they've been doing all afternoon so he decline my offer but wasn't going to play. Understandable. Well, our fifth guy gets rear ended by someone on his way so he is bleeding out the blinds (I think he didn't get there till 3-6 and considering there were only 5 guys, well, 4 until he showed up, that's a fair amount). Then mid way through 4-8, there's a loud knock on the door. We open the door and in walks the lady with the dog!!! The dog is fine, she's spunky and happy like nothing happened. And this is where it gets funny. She proceeds to start yelling at Seth (the host's roommate/the victim of my 2-4 soooted crackin aces) about how he let her run around in the backyard (fenced) unsupervised and how someone could have taken the poor dog away etc etc... Well, so she stole the dog to teach them a lesson... She was like "it could have been someone else!!! You were lucky it was me!" Ummm... how bout if you didn't steal her, the dog wouldn't have gone away? "If you had a 1 yr old child and you leave her unsupervised, she could disappear on you!" Seth took it well... for a while until he finally couldn't take it and said "I don't need to be f*ckin yelled at by you!" Needless to say, that added another 5 minutes of her yelling at him... what a crazy lady. I mean the point was well taken and I think I don't know the whole story but it appears that Seth was at fault. At least he was in charge so he definitely manned up to that and admitted that he was sorry. But for a strange neighbor to be giving him hell??? That's crazy. Nonetheless, Seth, Ramel, I'm glad your dog (I can't remember her name!) was fine and she made it home ok.

Ok, and back to poker... well, kinda uneventful. 5 players, yours truly out in 4th place with the A-10 jam getting called by JT's pocket tens. JT recently became a dad so he hasn't played in a while but it was good to see him back at the tables. And this just in, he won, beating Seth heads up. Well played guys. Tyke, our points leader was out in 3rd place when his A-10 was brutally slaughtered by JT's A2... but they were sooted... aaaah, the famous last words. All in preflop, 2 hits the flop and Tyke's 3 outer didn't come through for him. Doesn't really affect the point standings. Tune into next week for another exciting showdown at the PAPT!!!

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Sia said...

That is crazy. Wow. Was actually at the Hard Rock last night playing straight 2 dollar tables. It's a pretty lame way to play poker but they don't have NL cash games. I walked with $70.00...and yet, playing Limit....I felt dirty in the morning. I'm in Vegas at the end of this month. Hope to have some serious poker stories.