Thursday, May 24, 2007

Furious Comeback Part 2!? Not quite...

So last night, I played in the Mookie as usual and it was like deja vu when I donked off a lot of chips early to InstantTragedy's pocket kings with presto. This will sound like an excuse, and it is, but I wasn't really paying attention to who I was playing and I unnecessarily let go of a lot of chips for no reason. So, I'm down to 250 in chips... well, it's no story without a good comeback right? Right. Since it was fairly early, I never panicked, got lucky a few times and next thing I knew, I was back and in good shape. So good actually, that at one point, I became chip leader with about 20 people remaining. However, this wasn't meant to be my night when eventually, I busted out in 12th place when my AK was crushed by Zeem's K-10... I even knew this was the hand when this flop came out... A-J-x... at this point, I typed in the chat box, uh oh, I'm in trouble. And I meant it. Turn is another A... and the river, as expected was the Q to give him a straight. This wasn't even a bad beatish story. I just knew. I KNEW. I think I'm on to something guys. :)

On a side note, IT convinced me that I am waaaaaaaaay behind my times when I told him that I don't have any of the IM (read "girly chat") services... however, being the accomodating character that I am, I went and got gtalk so we chatted it up and swapped a few articles... I gave him a few good ones that he could read on his long flight to Maui. Hopefully, they will help.

I also discovered, after talking to him that the points in these BBT were actually a big deal... If you are an active BBTer, then you must think I'm retarded... and I must be. It wasn't until last night that I actually found out that top 3 BBT pts leader actually gets half the rake. I thought the entire rake pool was going to the freeroll at the end of this whole thing. I didn't know there were anything beyond bragging rights for the leaderboard. Goes to show how clueless I am about these things. He also wanted to discuss because he felt that the points weren't the only indicator but that money earned shouldn't be either (because if there are guys who don't play in the big game because of bank roll issues, that shouldn't count against them) which I totally agree. So I told him that I think there's middle ground where a combination of made money plus points would probably be a better indicator and that in the long run, it will hash itself out. He was against a system where people could fold to points and that this couldn't be an indicator of who the best players are... But these things never are. I mean who are the best players in the world? That is an argument that you continuously see on the forums and there are never any answers. Cardplayer POY doesn't even mean he/she is the best player. It just means that that person had the best year amongst his peers. And in the end, that's what it is right? Who cares who the "best" player is? I know that I continously want to be better and if I can have the honor of being somewhere at the top of the leaderboard, that's enough to make me psyched but I'll never be so clueless to think that I'm the best because I'm high on the leaderboard.


Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Nice comeback last night, would of been one for the ages if you completed the deal, if it wasn't for ZEEM. Damn, he was nasty last night.

crazdgamer said...

Damnit RR. I told you to do well with my chips. When I said "do well", I actually meant "WIN!".