Monday, May 14, 2007

Quick nonpoker post... Damn you AM910!

So, in Richmond, we have a sports station AM910 which airs the Jim Rome show from noon to 3pm EST. Well, most of the time... for some reason, they sometimes air the Richmond Braves (that's AAA baseball of obviously, A-Braves) games... well, today was one of those days. Rome comes back from a week of vacation (translate, a week long withdrawal from quality sports radio) and I only get to hear the first 30 minutes before they cut over to AAA baseball!?

Anyways, what does this have to do with anything? Well, it really doesn't. But, apparently, Vick from No Cal emailed the show explaining why he didn't (or couldn't) call in. Something along the lines of how his call didn't initially get through and that he didn't have time to sit on the phone for 3 hrs because of work, blah blah blah. Considering I've been hyping him up and everything, it was so disappointing. And like Rome said, I'm not saying I don't believe the guy. It's probably all true. But dude, it's the smack off. Once a year event, you hyped yourself up, how can you not show? Unbelievable... So in case anyone is wondering where Vick from No Cal was on Friday during the smack off, he was working... nice one.

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