Thursday, May 17, 2007

Missed the Mookie!

I'm personally not a planner. It's not that I'm totally unorganized but unless it's something big (like a vacation, long trip, etc), I don't feel the need to plan. One thing about me is that I'm adaptable to most situations. So I think on my feet very quickly and as such, "shoulda planned for it" concept is one that I don't really embrace. And I'm laid back enough that if something doesn't go my way, I'll find another way to wing it.

Well, there are few things that I do plan on. Recently, it's been these blogger tournaments. They start at 10pm (my time) which is an hour later than the perfect start time for me but better hour later than hour before. Anyways, so MATH and the Mookie are two events that I actually plan for. And you know what??? PLANNING SUCKS! Because when you plan sh*t, you expect everything to go right! Ok, it's one thing if something tragic happened or something crazy happens. But it's another when you lose something that you always assume is there... power. As in ELECTRICITY. Last night, I came home from work around 5:30pm and noticed that my microwave and my oven both showed flashing zeroes to indicate that the clock has been reset cuz they lost power. Ok, no big deal. It rained a little so maybe something happened. (No storm, no crazy winds... just rain). I go to the grocery store, pick up some meat, milk, grapefruit juice, frozen vegetables... come home and the garage door doesn't open. Sure enough, we lost power again. Fortunately, I was lazy so at the grocery store grill, I got myself a chicken stirfry so I'm sitting in the semi dark kitchen with my Treo in hand lighting up the food I'm eating. Well, now I'm starting to be a little worried. It's 8pm, I had visions of spending some quality time looking over my hand history from the FTOPS tournament I played in a few days ago, play a few cash games and obviously, sign up for the Mookie... but my laptop battery is dead, wireless is obviously not working (and even if it did work, what good is it with a dead laptop???)... Well, I'm laid back and I can think on my feet right? Yeah and yeah, but that's all good when I don't plan because "no plan" is part of the plan. When I do plan and sh*t doesn't go my way, it irks me. Anyways, so I decided that I'll hit the local starbucks since they have wireless connection...

So, off I go to the evil empire of coffee makers and I nurse my grande Cafe Americano (for noncoffee afficionados, that's espresso with hot water - much better taste than regular coffee, IMO) while I debate whether I should purchase this one hour plan for $6 to play online. Well, I think I would have, except by the time this was happening, it's close to 9... the shop closes at 10... Mookie starts at 10... so, basically, I end up playing video games on my computer till around 9:45, hoping that maybe the power is restored, and as I enter my neighborhood, I realize that our neighborhood is still dark (and our neighborhood is the ONLY ONE that is dark). Around 10, I had no choice but to accept this cruel joke that someone was playing on me. I brushed my teeth in the dark and decided that I'll just go to sleep. And around this time, I convinced myself that this will be good. I've been up late the past few nights so going to bed a little early will do me well.

Well, around 2:30am, I came to. I kinda rolled over, and noticed that my wife's alarm clock now is beaming it's green light (I swear, that thing is so bright it's like the light on top of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas). So, I think to myself, oh the power is back on... after 5.5 hrs of my fresh groceries sitting in the fridge that was probably not much cooler than the room itself... And then there was another problem... I couldn't go back to sleep... I toss and turn, and 30 minutes later, I'm wide awake. So, I do what every video game junkie does... I knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind to play poker but that didn't stop me from booting up the laptop and playing video games on it. I ended up being up till 4am when I finally started getting tired again and I went back to sleep...

As such, I'm exhausted this morning... and yet I didn't even get to play any poker last night.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

That Sux on a degree of suxatude that not many people can comprend.

Better luck next time. You just missed most of the top ten getting Donkey kicked all night long.

My Junk still hurts!

Sia said...

You have a garage?!!! Wow, that's like....the big time. Also, have you ever visited ?

Good site...has a lot of poker talk including articles about the PPA and related poker articles.