Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quick FF note

Since this is primarily a poker blog, I don't want to get too side tracked with other stuff. Like fantasy football... But then again, it's my blog so I guess I'll write what I want to. This was a weird weekend in the fantasy football world. But then again, it was just the opening week so not that you can gauge much at this point. My teams won in two of the three leagues that I'm in (along with the blogger league!) and already, I hear people talking about who was a bust and who will be awesome, etc... Again, it's week 1. Is Ben Roethlisberger going to have a 60 TD season? Romo? Yeah, doubtful. And by doubtful, I mean impossible. Would Rudi Johnson end up having a 800 yd season? I think not. So I again, week 1 stats is just that... week 1 stats. No need to panic, no need to go crazy. One thing I learned over the course of the years in fantasy football is that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Injuries will happen, savvy waiver wire pick ups are key, and like poker, you gotta get lucky sometimes, even if you have a good starting hand (ie good draft). Speaking of injuries, my thoughts go out to Kevin Everett (reserve TE for Buffalo Bills) for his catastrophic injury. While we love seeing big hits, a life threatening injury is not something we wish for (unless you're an Eagles fan). For those of you not understanding the Eagles fan reference, read this.

Alright, that's enough NFL talk. Again, this is a poker blog. Not a football blog. I can keep talking football all day but... speaking of which, did anyone catch the USF vs Auburn game on Saturday??? Masked by the LSU thrashing VA Tech, it was a fantastic game that I was fortunate to catch. And by the way, is there any way that Michigan and Notre Dame could both lose this weekend??? I wish there was a way.

Last night, I played in the MATH and bubbled in 4th place when my 99 couldn't hold up against LJ's AK. Busted out of the 50/50 when I couldn't let go of top pair in a blind vs blind battle. Made up for the tournament losses and then some at the cash tables. Declined Fuel's "invitation" to play at his 2-4NL 6max table. Pretty uneventful night basically at the poker tables. I got my home game tonight so I doubt that I'll be playing online unless of course, I bust out early. So good luck at the tables everyone.


Mike Maloney said...

I heard the Jets fans had a classy incident this weekend when they cheered after thinking Chad Pennington was injured. I'm not sure if it's worse to cheer another team's injured player or your own.

lj said...

i do feel a wee bit bad for busting you, but remember, you wouldn't have made it to the final table at all if not for me encouraging you to play.

on second thought, i don't feel bad at all. blind thief.