Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey Marc Bulger, you owe me $2k (FF rant)

I generally don't like to wish injury to other people. Having been an athlete myself and going through a torn ACL/MCL/meniscus, I know how devastating it is to get injured and everything you've built up to that point physically is almost reset and you have to work even harder to get back to where you were before the injury.

And yet, having said that, I seem to have anger management issues. And when someone causes something I don't like, I generally wish injury on them. The most vividly recalled memory would be that of Joe Nedney. Who, you might ask, is this Joe Nedney character? He is a kicker in the NFL... but more importantly, he was the kicker for the Tennessee Titans when he made the last second FG against my beloved Steelers to send us packing from the playoffs. It was such an emotional roller coaster because at first the Steelers blocked the kick... only to give them another chance because of a penalty... at which point Nedney converted his second chance... I remember wishing out loud that he breaks his leg... I believe the following year, he was out because of a knee injury... to tell you the truth, I kinda felt bad... Kinda...

Well, now, Mr Bulger, it's your turn. I hope you break your arm and you retire for good. Why am I so angry you might ask. Well, let's go back to the beginning of the season. Marc Bulger, heralded as a top 5 QB when healthy was... healthy. And then when the guy asks you why you wouldn't draft him like he does in the video below, how can you not???

Ok sir, I'm convinced. You are a good QB with a stud RB and old but good WRs. Maybe THIS is the year...

Well, in case you missed it, he had an amazing game last night. I believe this picture says it all.

Yep... I got -2 points... out of my QB. And lost... by 2... Now as of last night, I didn't know I was gonna lose but this shit put me on tilt. I mean the last time I saw negative points out of my starting QB was... oh yeah, last year when I put Wrecks Grossman in the starting line up and he single handedly cost me and the Bears the game. To top off my amazing evening, I managed to get stacked twice at a 5-10NL table. Nothing like taking a shot at a higher level and then tilting off your chips... I want to throw something right now... Now in my defense, the first stacking happened with AA against TT when he turned a set. The second stacking came when I was down to like $600 and and I jammed the remaining $350 or so of my stack on a A-A-x-x board. Only to be called by the AK... Amazing how shit like that could affect your confidence so quickly. At least I was able to do some damage control by being up two buy-ins at 2-4NL... but the difference between 2-4NL and 5-10NL is so big in terms of the swing...

So yeah, Marc, feel free to send the $2k my way. You suck. Your team sucks. Oh and just wait till week 16, Marc. I hope the Steelers pummel you to the ground so many times in that game that you would want to quit... just like David Carr who went to a team so that he could be a back up instead of a starter. I hope they beat you senseless.

On a positive note, my PS acct is now up to $400 and I cleared the bonus. I should play enough to at least also make it to the silver level (those of you with PS acct knows). Not bad considering I just opened my acct a week ago with $95. Admittedly, I was actually excited when I let myself move up to the $.50/1 NL level. Good times.


bayne_s said...

Don't remember season (but Marvin Harrison had 137 receptions the same year) my FFL was 13-1 heading into playoffs.

In stupid playoffs Bulger left the game on the 4th play trying to recover a fumble and I lost by 3 points.

Sia said...'s one thing to have an aging quarterback, but a whole nother issue when the aging quarterback's wr's are way older than he is. Rams are a mess.
Still....tough way to go down.


Schaubs said...

Variance sucks and so does Bulger. I've never drafted him and I never will.