Friday, September 14, 2007

Physical tells

One thing we, as online poker players, don't rely on when we play poker on the virtual felt is physical tells. Sure, when we switch to live poker, we try and may occasionally pick off certain things... but it's certainly one area where we lack "practice." I think a lot of the way we deduce someone's holdings are based more on betting patterns and sequence rather than physical tells because obviously, online, that's pretty much all we can go by.

Well, having said that, when I was watching High Stakes Poker Season 4, this hand came up between Mike Matusow and Voulgaris.

7 minute mark of this video Voulgaris open raises to $2,300 with Q8 and with two callers, it comes back to Matusow who reraises to 12,300 with AK. Then Voulgaris reraises to 32,300, representing a big hand. Online, this is a move that should work more often than not. But this is where Mike Matusow, despite his reputation, is a hell of a player. He must see something cuz he immediately says "I raise" (even though it's somewhat masked by others talking) and pops it up to 62,300. Obviously, at this point, Voulgaris folds and indicates he had QQ. Matusow calls him out and even goes as far to say "who knows maybe you had 7-2 but I know you were making a move on me."

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