Friday, September 14, 2007

Overbet for value with a set

Full Tilt Poker Game #3555263610: Table Hedge Top - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:46:02 ET - 2007/09/13
Seat 1: TOAFK ($475.70)
Seat 2: jcaleb24 ($400)
Seat 3: BoomerangPoker ($319.20)
Seat 4: bluffandwin ($234)
Seat 5: montymole ($402)
Seat 6: djeepy ($466.80), is sitting out
Seat 7: RecessRampage ($386.90)
Seat 8: heyfreddy ($430.60)
Seat 9: novel20 ($406)
heyfreddy posts the small blind of $2
novel20 posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [5h 5d]
TOAFK folds
jcaleb24 calls $4
BoomerangPoker raises to $8
bluffandwin folds
montymole folds
RecessRampage calls $8
heyfreddy folds
novel20 calls $4
jcaleb24 raises to $40
BoomerangPoker has 15 seconds left to act
BoomerangPoker folds
RecessRampage calls $32
novel20 folds

So here's the set up. UTG limps and MP min raises. I obviously call, BB calls, and the initial limper then pops it up. UTG limp, then reraise is your classic tell for a monster holding. AA or KK right? So, now that I know what he has, and there's clearly set mining value, it's an easy call for me.

*** FLOP *** [2d 5s 4s]<---gin!
jcaleb24 bets $68
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage raises to $346.90, and is all in

At this point, no point in trying to get fancy. We know what he has so let's just shove like we also have an overpair.

jcaleb24 calls $278.90
RecessRampage shows [5h 5d]
jcaleb24 shows [Qd Qc]
*** TURN *** [2d 5s 4s] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [2d 5s 4s Td] [8c]
RecessRampage shows three of a kind, Fives
jcaleb24: u lucky mf er
jcaleb24 shows a pair of Queens
RecessRampage wins the pot ($788.80) with three of a kind, Fives

I was surprised he showed QQ (I was convinced it was either AA or KK) but it didn't matter here on this flop. Not only did he call me a "mf er" but also later commented about how stupid I was for calling $32 more preflop. I love how some of these donkeys don't see the bigger picture. The MOST he could get out of me in this hand is the $40 that went into pot preflop. That for a chance to win close to $400? I'll take it.


Mike Maloney said...

Yeah, those are always fun hands. The UTG limp/re-raise is one way to get more money in the pot, but it tends to make your hand very vulnerable to someone who can put two and two together and knows what you have. No concept of the implied odds, they just think it's luck.

Fuel55 said...

Stunningly well played. Presto is gold - never doubt it.

jamyhawk said...

Nicely played. I think I miss the value of set mining a lot of times as I will fold to the re-raise pre-flop with middle and low pairs.

Klopzi said...

Another comment five months too late...

Well played by you, but also standard play by Villain.

If he doesn't stack off on this flop, he's made a huge mistake unless he's sure you wouldn't re-raise or jam with {JJ - 66, AsKs, AsQs}.

Still, Presto is gold and math is for suckers...