Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sometimes, I just have nothing to write about. There are couple of posts brewing in my head but I'm just not in the mood to talk poker right now... most likely because I've had a few emails/chats, etc discussing so many hands that I'm actually kinda discussioned out... yes, I realize that's not a real term but you get the idea. So then you think I could talk about fantasy football but I think I'm still bitter about the whole loss caused by Marc Bulger...

I could always talk about what I did last night but aside from trying to build the new legend on Pokerstars (which didn't go so well... minor setback) and donking away at the Mookie in an attempt to get a free banner, nothing special happened. I did give IT the idea of the shortstack Spooky so that should be fun. Halloween night, starting at midnight eastern, starting stack of 750, NL hold'em turbo 6 max. Yeah, that tournament should end in like 30 minutes. Perfect. Should be a fun time. Damn... I'm such a loser. The only plan I'm making as of right now on Halloween night (which is my favorite night) is to get online and play poker... with a bunch of other degenerates. Good stuff.

So Halloween... let me warn you... this post is going to be all over the place... possibly making it interesting for the nonpoker players who read this blog but could be extremely boring for the other degenerates looking for a hand history or something. So anyways... why is it my favorite? Well, isn't it everyone's. This is the night when all the girls dress up in attire that you generally fantasize in. Hot nurses, cheerleader outfits, etc... I mean good stuff. I remember seeing one girl dressed as a pirate... that was hot. In my younger, single days, I remember getting obliterated every Halloween... and loving every minute of it... or the brief memories that I was able to hang on to... Now I'm reduced to handing out candies to the kids in the neighborhood and firing up my computer after Mrs Recess goes to bed... For those of you planning on playing the Mookie, Dookie, and the Spooky (should I spell it with ie?), I think I'm just gonna play hammered... How else are you gonna play a shortstack turbo tournament????

I also heard Buddy talking about how he's actually gonna have a social life or some garbage. Come on dude... without the radio, how the hell are we supposed to entertain ourselves????

Damn... this post is starting to flame out... it's kind of a pity that I don't have much to write about when I'm not discussing hands from poker. So... I'm off to lunch. I'll do better tomorrow...


lj said...

so true -- halloween is widely known as the day girls can dress like sluts yet not be seen as hoochies.

and yes, your halloween plans sound awesome. you are SO COOL.

i vote for spookie with ie.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm in for the spookie as well. But you should consider making the structure like one of those "super turbo" satellites that full tilt runs right before their major mtts. Like, starting stack of 100 chips, 5-10 opening blinds, increasing every 3 minutes until we're done.

Talk about scarrrrrrrrry.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

I am working on the format as I write.

The Spook.


Like the Mook, Dook and Spook

It's the Holy Trinity* of Poker Blogger Tournaments.




* Not really.

jamyhawk said...

How funny! A month away and already talking about it. But you are correct. It is a favorite with almost everyone. Especially when you have a bunch of goblins, I mean kids running around.

I doubt I could make it for the Mookie, but Dookie and Spook IE sound good!

By the way? Do you still dress up for holloween? What ever will you be? I think I might be a cowgirl. . .or better yet, I can dress in all black and walk around telling everyone what a terrible poker player they are (guess who that would be)