Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Writing Blah (pretty much nonpoker rambling)

These days, I don't feel much like blogging. There's really not much to say these days. However, I kinda want to get back into the regular blogging phase so I need to figure out what I want to do. I guess I can post more HHs but I'm kinda HHed out. If I had more time, I'd do like a session review... since I pretty much play every night, I'd have something to write about for sure. But session reviews take such a long time so I just don't know that I have it in me.

I also want to start doing some more nonpoker posts. Since this is a poker blog, I'm not gonna fill this with some nonpoker nonsense. Nonetheless, the responses I got on my lawn debacle was freakin hilarious so maybe there is some merit... Ideally, I would make it where I would do a nonpoker post once a week to just update everyone on what's going on, any funny incidents, etc. And ideally, I want to do that every Friday where my nonpoker playing friends are obviously killing time, waiting for the weekend of nonpoker goodness, whatever that may feel like.

I can do a review of the TOC but really, nothing eventful happened. This Sunday, both Pokerstars and Fulltilt are having the WSOP Main Event Satellite. I think the PS one is $350 and the FTP one is $650. I'm probably not gonna have time to play satellites into either one so I'll probably just buy in. I have recently been playing a lot more on Stars since I seem to be finding more success there. I don't know if it's because the game appears to be softer over at Stars or if it's because I'm still a fairly unknown over at Stars 2-4NL as opposed to Fulltilt where undoubtedly, most of the regulars on the 6max on Fulltilt have notes on me.

On the poker front, I played furiously when I was on vacation in Japan. And yet, it felt like it was never enough. I don't know if at this point, it's the love of the game or just plain addiction... Nonetheless, I am currently on track to qualify for "platinum" status on PokerStars. I obviously have gotten at least 200pts each day to qualify for Ironman status on Fulltilt. It's so easy on Fulltilt to get that because if you are 4 tabling 2-4nl 6 max, it takes me like an hour and I get 200pts. On Stars, on their website, it says that if you 4 table 2-4nl 6 max for 20hrs a week, you would be on pace to achieve Platinum status. With all the freebies as well as ability to convert points to cash (ie, their version of rakeback) and considering I don't get rakeback on Fulltilt, it kinda makes sense for me to start focusing on playing on Stars. I still like the Fulltilt software better but for this month, since I am on track to hit platinum, I want to keep focusing on Stars for now. I will not be able to keep that up in July since work will get crazy busy and I'll have a $600 mid year bonus that I would be clearing for Fulltilt but at least for one month, I'll achieve the coveted platinum level... maybe... I am going to Montreal towards the end of this month and that might kill the chance but we'll just have to see.

Wow, this is impressive. I rambled on and pretty much said nothing. I need to refocus so I can start blogging some more. I swear, my next post will be poker heavy.


crushmastac a.k.a. CheckinMyAA said...

Serious de ja vous here.. Didn't you write this exact same thing a few weeks ago? GL on qualifying for the ME. I'm sure you'll snap out of your blah soon enough. (You'd better - I enjoy your stuff...)

- Crush

Uncle Chuck said...

Here is a suggestion:

Find Montreal's version of the Rhino (there are a couple of beauties to choose from... so I hear) and have a smokin' time!