Sunday, June 1, 2008

BBT3 - wrap up and coming up short

What a way to end the BBT3 for me. I grossly misread two players/situations and was busted out of the tournament when I tried to resteal with A4, only to find out that the initial raiser had KK. I had the impression that he was attacking my blinds so I figured his range was wide and that I could get a fold. First hand that crippled me was against Corron10 when he trapped me with JJ. I had TT in the BB, button raised, SB (Corron10) calls, I reraise, button calls, SB shoves. At this point, I thought if he had JJ+, he woulda reraised the button so I thought he was shoving a smaller pocket pair. So I shoved, thinking my TT was good. That crippled me and I was down to 900 in chips but it was early and I was able to build the stack back up to about 4000+ and then I shove A4. What a bummer. Worst part is, that means no fish cake money for me. Congrats to Lucko and LJ for winning some extra side cash. $2,000 for lucko and $750 for LJ. Not bad. These two are obviously, well known ballahs so I guess I should be fairly happy with the fact that I was even close. But considering I was in the lead with about a week or two remaining definitely leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I've obviously been trying to improve my MTT game but I clearly have ways to go.

Now that the BBT3 is pretty much over (except for the TOC next weekend - which my ability to play in it might be slightly in jeopardy), I have to admit, I am glad... It wasn't so much the BBT3 as it was the side bet that made this whole thing a lot more stressful. There were numerous nights where I didn't feel like playing or I had invites to hang out with my friends/enjoy happy hour and yet all those nights, even when I did go out, in the back of my mind was the BBT3 and how I should be playing it. It really became an obligation for me instead of something fun. Usually, after winning the seat to the TOC, I would normally relax and maybe not play as much. However, this time, because of the side bet, I always felt that I had to play. Admittedly, I am pretty tired from it and I do look forward to being able to go out on any night without worrying about some poker tournament. And in the end, it was all for nothing. So in that sense, it really sucks.

On a positive note, I did cash for over a grand during the BBT3 so I think I pretty much broke even for all the tournaments. I am not sure. Either way, it should be pretty close though. According to, I am profitable in MTTs in 2008 so that's pretty cool too. I guess a little win here and there helps.

Most likely, after the BBT3, a lot of you will probably not see me in blogger tourneys for a little while. I just need a little break and also, starting in July, work will be busy again and this time, instead of hurrying home around 8pm so I can eat before the blogger tourneys, I can just order food at work and continue to be a slave to the corporate bullshit late into the night so that we can keep dishing out credit cards to those that don't deserve them. It was definitely a fun ride and hopefully, there will be something similar in the fall/winter time frame. I'm sure I will see you once in a while in some of the blogger tourneys, I just don't know how often. Good luck to all and for those that have a seat to the TOC, hopefully, I will see you there. Also, special thanks to BoneDaddy for setting up the side bet. As stressful as it was, it made for a good, fun competition.

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