Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reason for my Blah and more blogger drama (and more nonpoker content)!

I just figured it out. Even though I promised that my next post would be a poker post, I just had to get this out. I think I am in a state of "blah" because a bunch of bloggers are either in or on their way to Vegas. Me? I'm stuck here at work, grinding away like the chumps that we are, and the best thing I have to look forward to today is a company happy hour... I intend to get fuckin blitzed tonight. While other bloggers are counting down to their flight times, I'm counting down to my free beer with a bunch of coworkers. I mean if there ever is a bad beat, there you go. But bad beats aren't without some poor plays on my part. My worst play ever? Not letting cmitch and LJ to convince me to fly to Vegas. At the time, I figured that having just flown back from Japan, I'd be tired and jetlagged and not in the right shape to then turn back around and fly out to Vegas. Well, it's Wednesday today. I just got back from Japan on Sunday. And not a trace of jet lag... instead, just a strong desire to fly out to Vegas to join the other degenerates. My other gchat buddy, Bayne, is already out there throwing dice and omaroaching. This really blows. This means that Thursday and Friday, I will be without gchat buddies... good news for my company though since that probably means I get more work done. My mom would hate reading this but to let myself forget the fact that I am not in Vegas, I'm getting plastered tonight (she hates it when she reads/hears about how drunk I got). I mean what else is there to do in Richmond fuckin VA? God, I hate this place. It's so boring. I can't wait to get out of here. Mook, did you say my over/under on turning pro is September? I don't know about turning pro but I am definitely outta here by September I think. Either that or I shoot myself in the head (not literally, of course).

Ok, enough of my bitch fest. Now on to blogger drama.

For those of you that haven't followed, there are a couple of interesting posts that you might want to read first before you read on:

First, from Perticelli's blog.

Then, from CK's blog.

To make a long story short, there was a blogger named Donkette who did like this 15 part story (which I never read... it's too long and seemingly depressing) of how she overcame some sort of addiction (drugs or alcohol, I assume). Well, she joined this blogging community, I think, around 6 months ago and as usual as is the case for this great group of bloggers, everyone was very accepting... Except me... and no, I didn't sense anything or anything crazy. I just have to respect someone's game or really hit it off with the person in order for me to be so accepting. That's just how I roll. Sorry. So anyways, she was always railing a bunch of bloggers (soon enough, she was railing me too) and stuff even though I had no clue who she was. Apparently, she then started "borrowing" money from some of the bloggers. A few Fulltilt transfer here and there I assume. I haven't openly asked but even then, I know a few people (excluding the two listed above) who sent money to her and never got anything back. In reading bunch of other blogs, everyone is pleading her to get some help because surely, there's something wrong with her to screw over her "friends."

Now, this is what I don't get. Again, since I didn't read her blog, I don't know but to those of you that got screwed, how do you know that this whole addiction thing is even true? Could she just be a typical con artist, getting money from a bunch of bloggers and just running away with it? I mean everyone is like "please get help" but how do we even know that she really needs help as opposed to her just cheating everyone off their cash?

Now don't get me wrong. I am certainly not blaming the bloggers that got screwed. As a matter of fact, I am very sorry to hear about the losses some of you have experienced. It is definitely not cool for someone cheat this group that is always unquestioningly (is that a real word??) open to everyone who wants to join this crew. I also can relate because there are numerous times I've spotted someone before. First one that came to mind was Matt who asked me one time if I could spot him with any sort of cash and at the time, I believe I said I can lend him anything up to $500 (he accepted $100 I think which he promptly returned). Now, keep in mind this is a guy I never met. Another time, I had transferred $1k to LJ because she cashed out most of her winnings and then all of a sudden, she was underrolled. She gave that back to me in Vegas. Bayne and I frequently do a cash transfer swap between FTP and PS and not for small amounts either. We all know how great of a BR management discipline he has (as good as my roll at the craps table during the blogger gathering) so sometimes, he hits me up with a swap idea where I would transfer him $x on FTP and he would transfer $x on PS or vice versa. I have a good chunk of cash on both sites now so I am always open for a swap but then I thought, one day, Bayne could come up to me, tell me he needs a big chunk, I can send via FTP... and never hear from him again. Of course, that wouldn't happen but my point is, I was just as vulnerable as anyone who got cheated by Donkette (the "con artist").

I really hope this bad experience doesn't affect the bloggers in terms of how open they are to newcomers.

I doubt it. These are great people and one bad apple shouldn't affect how they are to other new bloggers that will surely come our way.

Not going to Vegas is a big mistake... Maybe I'll try to hit OkieVegas even though I'm not sure how I can get down there during July which is another quarter end month for us, ie I am super busy... I'll be at the Bash for sure though in September. I think that doesn't coincide with my friend's wedding... When was the Bash again??? I sure hope it's not September 20th... (for some reason, I have a feeling it is)...


Astin said...

You're off a week - Bash is the weekend of the 28th.

You know, it's not too late to come to Vegas.... just expensive.

Bayne_S said...

Hey my system works.

Get low, cash for $3k, I just need to improve to where it is on a site by site basis.

Point I brought up in my blog re: donkette was if story was true loaning money to someone with propensity of addiction that I felt played poker badly it will be unlikely to see money back.

I knew money was gone when I loaned buy in for MATH, she cashed in MATH that night and no repayment occurred.

HighOnPoker said...

I'm a tad surprised people lent her money, but I guess I'm just stingy. I try not to loan out money to anyone, and when I do lend money out, it is only with people I absolutely trust for money I can absolutely afford to write off. I don't blame the givers either, but I am surprised that it could be so wide spread. I also don't understand the "i hope you get help" angle. If it were me, I would simply call the person out as a liar and a thief and be done with it. All that said, I can't pass judgment because even with all of the posts, I can't get a full picture of what is going on. Too much innuendo without real statements.

Sia said...

Donkette? I remember playing with her....only thing i remember her being addicted to was being terrible at poker (baaaazing).

No, but seriously, she sucked.

Vegas is cool but South Beach has poker seen the latest pics from last weekend (Facebook).

Riiiiii-diculous. Giggity


Anonymous said...

Go pro. If leaving the sweet VA it is the only option.

If you aren't going to blog about Poker, maybe a sports post. NBA Finals...there is more to sports than just fantasy football.

Matt said...

When I asked for a bit of help, it was a pretty tough email to write. And although I had every plan to pay it back ASAP, I didn't even fully realize at the time just how (for lack of a better term) desperate I really was.

Sad to see that someone would use this community to take advantage of others, but like you said, it's a risk you take when you "befriend" someone over the internet. Between this situation, the Smokkee\Hoy Bodog drama, and countless other flame wars, it seems like many of the bonds that bloggers have are as weak as my poker skills.

Weak Player said...

Dude, you have been so right on about this. First, about your comment on CK's blog about outing being the best course. And second, about Donkette possible making the whole addiction thing up.

She told me that her "uncle gave her $3,000 and a ticket to Vegas for 15 years being clean." I wonder what other "gifts" she got.

oossuuu754 said...

If you come to Okie Vegas you turn pro and move down here just to play in the weak azz casinos. Hope you can make it. And come someone lend me a quarter, LOL

Poker Brian said...

Other than reading her posts during work, she railed me when I lost to Bdidie in the Hoy, I didnt know her but you and her (if thats the real gender!) were the only 2 to ever cheer me on.

Maybe I'm stupid, or ignorant, but isnt she dating/married to ANIguy? Did anybody know him well either?

I dont think I could ask anyone for $, hell I have a hard time asking the gf for cash (we share accounts)...

Drizztdj said...

Going to the Bash?

Best poker play of the year if you do.

SubZero said...

Poor Alan, all alone and not in Vegas.

Come on everyone, join together to give him a big cyber group-hug....

jamyhawk said...

Wow. I didn't realize how far behind I am in reading the blogs. So, I'm trying to catch up a little at a time and got caught up in the "Donkette" story.

I will say, I never offered "her" anything and was never asked for anything.

Thanks for updating me.