Monday, June 23, 2008

The "bAy weekend" (nonpoker)

Oh my god... This past weekend was everything that it was hyped up to be and more. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and say that it was a lot more than it was hyped up to be. And we were totally psyched for it but we had no idea that it was gonna be this much fun. I mean to be honest, I was expecting a crazy Friday night where we would get trashed (ok, that was as expected) and then a chill out, relaxing Saturday on the boat where we would throw back a few beers and just float around. Instead, I'm totally sore now from being thrashed around in the water but I'll get into that later...

Friday, we are driving up to Maryland and the place was actually close to Delaware. It's still on the Chesapeake Bay side but the house is along more like an inlet of the Bay. Well, as we're driving there, according to the directions, we're no more than 10 minutes away from this house and we have yet to see any body of water. Since we didn't print out maps or anything, we are strictly going by these directions that our friends gave us and so we're not even sure if we're still along the coast or in the middle of Maryland. We joke about how fucked up it would be if the house is in a community called "The Bay" (since the whole time, they just said, "you guys wanna come up to the House at the bay?") But seriously... we couldn't figure out if we were gonna have to drive up to where the water was.

Well, we finally get to the gate of the community and again, no water yet. We drive through these fields with gigantic houses and we now realize that we are definitely in for a treat. We get to the house and we are in awe. I meant to take a picture of the house but I just didn't get a chance to. Let me just say that there's a house and there's a cottage. We stayed at the cottage which alone is a perfectly fine house for any single family to own. Of course, it's half the size of the main house. We are shown around the house and as we walk out to the backyard over the deck and this is the view that we're greeted by.

Our friends ask if we want to go check out the boat and jet skis that we'll be riding tomorrow so we obviously eagerly agree.

We're already psyched, knowing that we're gonna be on the boat, chilling out with beers and good company. But since it was like 7pm on Friday when we arrived, we're ready to eat/drink. So, we're shown to the basement where we will be partying after dinner and this is what I walk into.

It's a fully stocked bar with a lot of high end liquor. I'm gonna assume the most expensive thing we drank was the Johnny Walker Blue Label. I have to admit though. I'm no scotch connoisseur so that glass was probably a waste to have gotten into my body. But now I know what it's like. That was part of the "scotch tasting" that we did. Not like we needed to kick the party up to another level after already having a few shots of 100 proof Southern Comfort but we all knew that this was gonna be a night of some serious drinking. Some more shots I can remember doing would include some high end vodka that I've never heard of (and I can't remember at this point) and something else but memory is kinda fuzzy. Pretty sure it wasn't rum because I have bad memories from rum but I remember grabbing a bottle and doing a shot of something different, only because I wanted to try it... which is a pity since I don't remember what it was.

Shockingly, after all that drinking (and later on, the pukage by our host), we were still ready to go the following morning. So, after some much needed eggs and bacon/ham, we headed out to the water where we got to ride around on the jet skis (or waverunners for those who want to be perfectly accurate on what we were riding) and hanging out on the boat. After a few hours, we decided to attach a little two seater raft so we can go water tubing.

Attaching the raft to the boat and getting two guys in, we started playing the "who can stay on the raft the longest" contest. And let me tell you. It was no joke. On the raft, you are getting whipped around, holding on to dear life as you are flipped from the raft numerous times. It was an unbelievably fun time that is pretty much impossible to describe in words. Let's just say that I would be laughing the whole time I'm on the raft as I get tossed off the raft after a sharp turn. It was awesome.

Admittedly, the next day, we realized how sore we were, most likely from having a death grip on the raft and then also being tossed around like a rag doll. Sunday, we didn't get to hit the waters for long but a slight modification was made to the raft. The raft had this little fin which got cut off by one of the hosts so that there would be less stability. First thing we noticed was that it felt a lot faster without the fin (attached to the same boat). Second thing we noticed was that we were thrown further out on the sharp curves, literally tilting 45 degrees and on straightaways where we would hit waves, we are literally airborne. One of the falls that I had, it was described to me as doing a cartwheel in the air before I fell into the water. And yes, I was laughing the whole time.

Last night, when I got home, my body (esp my back and around my shoulder blades) were really sore. My forehead was totally burnt... not from being out on the boat where I was prepared enough to put sunscreen on but from the drive back where I had my top down on my convertible(and wasn't prepared enough to put sunscreen on). My shoulders are also red and a little burnt, my body is still tight, but aside from that, I'm just bummed that we're not on the water today. It was an unbelievable weekend and needless to say, almost zero poker (except last night when I dabbled in it for about an hour).

Next up is Montreal. That should be a fun time too. I leave on Thursday and come back Sunday. Holy cow. This blog is gonna be hurting for some poker content after all these weekend trips.


Mike Maloney said...

That's the fun thing about water, you can do whatever crazy shit you want and not have to worry about landing the wrong way, because it just doesn't matter.

Sounds like fun, man, been a while since I've been tubing.

Astin said...

You ever hit the water at high speed Mike? It's pretty damned painful :)

Looking at your fuzzy picture there, you're probably right about the JWB being the priciest. That said, I don't think it's worth anywhere near the price. Give me a couple fingers of a Lagavulin anyday for half the price. Then again, I just bought a litre of JWB in Vegas...

As for the vodka, can't really see much in the background, but I'll assume you're already familiar with the Grey Goose. The only other one I can see/recognize is the Reyka in the front - Icelandic from natural springs filtered through lava rocks... but not really as premium as they'd like you to believe. Not bad by any means though. Gotta put my faith behind Ketel One.

And if you think that's "fully stocked", you need to see my liquor collection, I put most bars to shame. Last count was 13 different bottles of vodka...

Shrike said...

JWB = overrated, as Astin says.

Bowmore, Highland Park, Lagavulin ... = good single malts.

I daresay you will try some Montreal nightspots? You do realize they just hardly close at night? Your liver is never going to recover. ;)

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Astin, you're my hero. And yes, it was Reyka. Gotcha, I've never seen it before so I didn't know. Supposed to be expensive though (granted, high price doesn't mean great taste, as I learned from JWB).

Shrike, one word. OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Matt said...

Montreal is high on my list of places to visit next, can't wait to hear about the hijinks there.