Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Help needed

If you have not heard, please drop by and send your thoughts, prayers, and whatever good karma you got to Bayne and his family. Based on the update on his blog, it seems that things should be ok but please, if you have a chance, drop by to show support and give him encouragement.

Bayne and I chat daily and he's one of the handful of bloggers that I would drop a random text to, even when I'm not pokering. Even though we always talk shit or give each other a hard time, that's pretty much how I roll with most of my friends. Please help him and his family get through this tough time by including them in your prayers (if that's your thing), your thoughts, or next time you're asking for a 2 outer on the river, ask for Bayne's wife's recovery (you can ask for the 2 outer and Bayne's wife's recovery at the same time).

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