Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The KK hand

Here's the actual HH of the KK hand that I posted about the other day. I'm also going to hide the names. I think that's something I'm gonna start doing moving forward because I just looked up the search engine list to see how other people are finding my blog and I noticed that there are A LOT of people coming to this blog by searching for random fulltilt screenname. Of course, if they type my name in, they'll end up here but I don't want others who are trying to look up other players to end up here either. With so much information readily available, I am worried that I am putting myself at a disadvantage...

Full Tilt Poker Game : Table News (deep 6) - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:21:09 ET - 2008/06/24
Seat 1: ($1,273.70)
Seat 2: ($662.30) <--- SB
Seat 3: RecessRampage ($1,189.70) <--- BB
Seat 4: Villain ($391.10)
Seat 5: ($929.90)
Seat 6: ($413.50)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [Kd Kc]
Villain raises to $12
4 folds
RecessRampage raises to $38
Villain calls $26

I was incorrect in my original post. I said he limped but he actually raised. Crap... now I am thinking my whole analysis was mistaken.

*** FLOP *** [8d 7h 5c]
RecessRampage bets $63
Villain raises to $126 (leaves himself $227 behind)
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage calls $63

As I described yesterday, I hated the minraise. I hated the flop actually but again, I was incorrect in that I thought the villain limped then called a raise. Now that I know he raised preflop, he could easily have done this with 66, 99, or TT. I would guess that with AA-JJ, he would have repopped me preflop or raise bigger here than just a minraise. Either way, it's different from my recollection in that I ruled out TT+ (and possibly even 99+) because I thought he limped, then called my raise. I thoguht he would raise with 99+... and, well... he did raise preflop...

*** TURN *** [8d 7h 5c] [Jh]
RecessRampage checks
Villain bets $132 (leaving himself $95 behind)
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage folds
Villain wins the pot ($327)

I am hating how this hand went down more and more now that I look at it. Even though, the fact that he's not shoving on the turn may indicate a lot of strength because he is obviously committing himself, I don't think I can rule out 99 or TT in this hand. This is the cool thing about reviewing HHs. There are so many more things that start coming to mind that may not occur to me during the hand.

I will say though that in a cash game, sometimes, folding in spots like this is a smaller mistake than playing for stacks with just an overpair. You just want to make sure that you adjust your play so that you don't totally get run over either.

I just wanted to post the actual HH so everyone got to see the exact action as opposed to my memory based description (which turned out to be incorrect).


spritpot said...

I stand by my original suggestion of checking the flop and seeing what develops on the turn.

Shrike said...

I can also see a rationale for shipping it in with a 3-bet on the flop ... I'm not sure how often a play like this is warranted; it would also depend on what notes I have on the player in question.

Anonymous said...

Did you consider he may have had AA?

I like doing this with AA and I also saw it done twice last weekend live. In most instances the player with AA stacks their opponent particularly if they hold a big pocket pair.

Your example is a perfect scenario in which this play works and what saved you here is you're good enough to fold.

Smooth call preflop. Make a weak looking check raise on the flop, TT-KK usually shoves at this point and they leave shaking their head at how they got trapped hard here.

Of course, AA also needs to be careful on certain flops, but in most cases of a low rainbow flop, they are getting their opponents chips which is not always the case if they four bet preflop and get TT-QQ to fold.