Thursday, June 26, 2008

Montreal, eh?

In 4 hours, I will be flying out to Montreal. The only bad beat is that I have a 2+ hours layover at JFK. (LJ, wanna come meet me for dinner???) I arrive there at 6:30 and my flight for Montreal doesn't leave till 9pm. No problem though as I am the master of killing time. I arrive in Montreal at 11pm. Prime time. By then, my buddies should be drunk since they are arriving there around 8pm. All I know is that I'll drop off my luggage at the hotel room and do a few shots to immediately catch up. I'm sure insanity will ensue. I have used the past two nights to warm up for this insane drunken debauchery that is sure to happen. I am still a little hungover (didn't think we drank too much last night but my bazillion text messages say otherwise) but the best cure for a hangover is more beer. I'm sure my mom is hating this post right now. Don't worry mom, I won't drink too much... after this weekend.

I shall use Sunday to recover from the insanity of Canada so I can be ready for the insane bash on Friday, celebrating the independence of this country. I have two cookouts to go to and a cab number on my cell. If any of you ever wonder why anyone would come to Richmond for a visit, this 4th of July party would be a damn good reason. But that's next week.

Alright, must go pack. Have a nice weekend!


Mike Maloney said...

"I am the master of killing time." That's just degenerate speak for "I will be playing poker during every single minute of my layover".

Astin said...

2 hours probably won't be that long. If you're on time, you'll have to disembark and wander over the international gates. Make sure you have your passport!

On the plus side, you clear customs in Montreal, not New York (I think), so you won't have that hold up when trying to connect.

Bear in mind - Dorval... umm... Trudeau airport is a good drive into Montreal proper. But at 11pm on a Thursday, it shouldn't be bad. Have a blast!

Oh, and I hope your French is up to snuff. :)

Schaubs said...

Get laid.