Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Must pimp spook

Tomorrow night, at midnight, there's a shortstack turbo 6 max tournament... the SPOOK! I imagine this tournament will end before the Mookie ends. And it's only $2.50 to enter... so there's really no reason to not enter... unless of course, you just want to maintain your sanity.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently... for those that care. I am finally starting to see the end of this super hectic work life (try 9:30am - 10pm on SATURDAY even followed by another all day marathon on Sunday)... anyways, I know no one is interested in me bitching about my work hours so that's primarily why I haven't blogged much. My brain's a little fried right now but I'll be back to posting regularly again. See you all tomorrow!


SubZero said...

Sympathies my over-worked friend. If I wasn't in the same boat, I'd be bitching about how no-one updates their blog anymore.... :-P

Sia said...

spook shmook. I should be back in business tomorrow. Giddyup.