Monday, October 8, 2007

HUC, Dirty Vizzer, and Points

This is one of those posts that I figured to be all over the place so hence the title. Before I forget, as most of you know, Lucko won the Heads Up Challenge 5. And yet somehow, I got suckered into have the honor of organizing Heads Up Challenge 6. We intend to kick this off in December after the bloggers' gathering where we will certainly spread the word and convince more people to join. So, Lucko has at least a few more months to bask in the glory of his victory.

Last night, after I racked up 200 pts on Full Tilt, I moved over to PS and continued the low stakes adventure of Dirty Vizzer. My account is up to $550ish from the starting $95 about 3 weeks ago. Not too bad considering I really haven't spent much time there. I would hope that by the time I put in enough hands to achieve the silver status, I would have cracked a grand and then I can start playing 1-2NL. I know that's not ideal bank management but if I drop a few buy-ins, I'll drop back down. I'm pretty sure I can beat the 1-2NL so I'm not too worried. I was tempted to try some last night but if I drop a couple of buy-ins now, I'll be down to $150 and then I would be back to the grind...

So, for those of you reading my blog regularly, you know I'm a poker degenerate but I am even more so a points degenerate. I love points. Well, not all points are unhealthy. Last weekend, when I was at the YMCA, I inquired about this "FitLinxx" stuff that they have. Basically, they have like 10 stations of nautilus machines set up with a little touch screen that says FitLinxx. I had no idea what they were but I decided to inquire about it. Well, it turns out it's like a workout program and it's "free" to the members (I put the quotes cuz you know, we're paying for it by the means of membership fees). So anyways, I set up an appointment to sign up for this. Well, this past Saturday was my appointment and this dude set me up and walked me through all the exercises. Basically, what this does is it keeps track of the weights you lift, how many sets you did, what settings you had, etc. It's like an electronic clip board basically.

Well, where is all this going? At the very end, you log out at this main station. And at this main terminal, it shows you your workout summary and stuff. Well, as the dude is showing me this stuff, what do I see? Points! During the initial set up appointment, we just did 1 set on each machine just cuz it wasn't meant to be a work out but rather a set up thing. I lifted a total of 3,750 lbs (sounds impressive right? Except that's the total over 10 stations and I did 10 reps each at each station so that's an average of 37.5lbs that I did per rep). And with the 3,750 lbs, I got 37.5 pts!!! I was like "whoa, you earn points?" The guy proceeded to show me a screen where it shows all the "cool" prizes you can win with the points.


The prizes suck. YMCA t-shirt, water bottle, key chain, etc. But do you think I care? Hell, no. All I know is that every time I work out, I earn points baby! So, sure enough, I went back to the Y on Sunday and got a full workout in. I can't remember exactly how much I lifted but it was somewhere between 25,000-30,000lbs. More points. And, you can manually enter in any cardio that you do. I play ball twice a week and I generally squeeze in a run during the week so you know I'm gonna put that in also. This could be the best discovery I've ever made. See, so there are some positives to being a points degenerate.

That's about it from me today. Sorry for the lack of poker content for those of you that come here to read that. Hopefully, I'll start posting some more HH's soon.


Mike Maloney said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Ryan said...

hahaha. gotta love points. it's not that hard to get to silverstar. i have about 1100 pts this month and i basically just play $25NL about 10-15 hours a week i would estimate (though lately i've been playing 6 tables so that might have something do with it).

i've just got to figure out what kind of volume i need for goldstar...i'll probably have to jack myself up in stakes.

Schaubs said...

Point whore.