Friday, October 19, 2007

I am not dead

Wow... It's Friday already and I haven't posted a thing since Monday. Did I not have access to a computer? Did I quit blogging? Have my poker results been miserable? No, no, and no. Work is kicking my ass though. And instead of using my lunch break to blog, this week, I chose to just chill out and read the other blogs instead. One interesting topic for the week is the Absolute Poker cheating scandal. Holy cow. I can't get to 2+2 forums or P5 from this donk work computer but check out this blog. Gnome and Cmitch has pretty good links too so you might want to go check their blogs out too. I'm not gonna summarize what you can read in the links but it's just crazy. I mean the whole "cheating in online poker" thing has always been swirling around as rumors (bots, etc) but I'm actually surprised that this shocking news hasn't gotten more press. I mean you would think all the online poker haters would be all over sh*t like this.

Alright, well, I'm feeling like crap this morning after I went out to drink with my friend last night so I leave you with one more article about this whole scandal. Very entertaining stuff.

Have a good weekend everyone. Oh and don't forget. Don's Big Tournament will kick off the BBTwo!

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AnguilA said...

Same fawking thing here...
I haven't posted for a week. Work's killing me and it doesn't look like it will get better until half way through november!