Thursday, October 4, 2007

Honest, I'm a luckbox!!! and being a collection degenerate...

The flop was ok but I really liked the river.

I played in the Mookie and that didn't go so well. I ended the night 22nd out of the 53 players. I don't really care about that. Hell, I don't even really care about winning that thing right now. Sour grapes? No. I just want to knock Mookie out so that I can get a banner for this empty site of mine. That's the only reason I've played the past two weeks... and yet this week, I never saw Mookie at my table... that's a bad beat in my book.

On a different note, there were some funny discussions that happened at my table. Jamyhawk read my blog about how I'm obsessed with points and pointed out how he got a kick out of it because he has a similar mentality... with the McDonald's Monopoly promotion (am I violating some sort of copyright laws here???). Then PokerBrian joined in on the discussion about how he's hooked on that as well. I think someone else may have joined in on the convo but I can't remember off the top of my head so if you are reading this and you wanna get linked for your valuable comedic input on the McDonald's Monopoly pieces, let me know in the comments. It was funny though... cuz I can totally relate.

"Hi, yes, can I have the quarterpounder combo with coke. Oh, and can you supersize that?" (so I can get an extra game piece)

Then the discussions that followed on the table were anywhere from eating McDonald's twice a day, several times a week, to seeing if you can get a job there during the promo or have a family member work there during the promo, or being a fake health dept inspector, etc. It was degeneracy at its finest. Of course, Mike will probably advocate donating any winnings to charity cuz he is morally superior to myself (which my friends will tell you isn't really that hard). But hey, FYI, I do donate money to St Jude's every year so stick it! I also donate (or used to) money to VA Home for Boys... of course, in return, we get to use their gym once a week for 2 hrs to play basketball... Hey, if I don't get anything in return, that's -EV right? Huh? Am I missing something???

And btw, my Vegas plans are set, vacation time has been approved, flights are booked... I just need to get myself a hotel room. Degeneracy at its finest. Can't wait for December!

Oh, and one more thing... tonight, I'm playing Lucko in our Heads Up Championship. I have no idea what time. If we hash something out during the day, I'll post it here... not that anyone would be interested.


lj said...

bad idea to work at mcd's during promotion, i think it may make you ineligible.

you've got yourself some banner competition, so watch out. damn that pokerpeaker.

stay at harrah's! it's where the cool kids are staying. :)

jamyhawk said...

That really was a funny conversation.

I know it is a sickness, when I DESPISE McDonalds food, but am looking forward to going there every day now just to get more game pieces.

Good luck in the HU.

Shrike said...

Thanks for knocking me out of the Mookie early on ... I hate jackace so it is only fitting I lose to AK.

I like your blog.

Schaubs said...

Good luck tonight sucka.

Fuel and I just booked our trip - Dec 6th-10th. Staying at Paris... close to the Bell and MGM.

Matt said...

Even seeing the picture, I'm convinced you're lying about the cards you're getting.

Nice photoshop work, buddy.


Blogger said...

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