Thursday, October 4, 2007

Move over Fuel, there's a new champ in town!

And his name is Lucko. I have to admit though. I had A LOT of fun playing HU with him. At least I didn't get blanketed. He won 3-1. I won the first match but my luckboxery wouldn't continue and he eventually outplayed me when I made moves at the wrong time. I thought about going back and analyzing each hand but quite honestly, I'm not even sure I can do that. I guess I can post some of the hands that we ended but even that's not that exciting. 1st match, I had him outchipped so when we both flopped a pair and I had the better kicker, he wasn't going anywhere because of his chip stack. 2nd match, I was getting outchipped and I reraised all in with A6s, only to be called by his A8s. I was reraising fairly light so he probably made a good read on me and called. Generally, I want that call... but then again, generally, I want to be doing that with a hand better than A6s...

The last two matches, I had pretty decent draws on both. The third match, I had As7s on a 9d5s4s and all the money went in. He had QQ (one of them was a spade), turn gave me additional outs when the 3c came but my 14 outer didn't hit. The last match, I had K7 of clubs, 9-T-J, 2 clubs so I figured I have straight draws (even if one of them is a sucker end) and a flush draw and an overcard. Turns out he has KJ, but I miss my 15 outs twice and that's all she wrote. I'm generally not crazy about shoving flush draws but I knew that I had to gamble at some point.

I also raised frequently which has been a tactic of mine that worked pretty much until here and I reraised fairly light. In the end though, Lucko played well and picked off some of the hands that I had. I don't think I got totally outplayed but again, it was very fun playing because he kept me on my toes and I was constantly thinking of what to represent, what he might have, etc.

Lucko, if you are reading this post and you have any thoughts or suggestions or anything you noticed about my HU game, please comment or email me. I would appreciate your input.

To the rest of the readers, sorry for the lack of HH's and a fairly crude recap of the heads up match. I'm just not in the mood to really post them for a heads up match.