Sunday, July 15, 2007

When it reigns, it pours...

Special thanks goes out to Sia (aka PouringReign) for playing as RecessRampage.

I tell you, there's nothing better than sitting outside on a porch with a beer with my in-laws (no sarcasm there, we totally get along) while my father-in-law is cooking a damn good looking steak... and then getting an email on my phone saying that I just won $120 from a tournament.

Top 90 gets paid...

The deal was that he was gonna get 50% of whatever he won. Considering I had to play enough to qualify for the freeroll, I figured that was a fair amount. Apparently, he had to fight back from 275 in chips early when he (I) ran KK into AA. Nonetheless, he played a tight, solid game from what I heard and so there it was. Thanks again bro!

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Sia said...

Was very fun (except for the KK v. AA part). Happy to pinch hit anytime. No seriously, I really would like to pinch hit.

-Sincerely - Albert Pujols

(Jim Rome is back tomorrow. Get some)