Friday, July 13, 2007

24 hour dad (nonpoker content)

Mrs Recess has a cousin (we'll call him Lil' Recess in town. Well, he's been staying with the in-laws all week but it's Friday night and we are having a family dinner get together tomorrow evening. So, it was decided that until then, we will take care of the cousin. He's 9 years old, and was the ring bearer in our wedding. Very good kid, great manners, etc. So, for the next 24 hrs, I'll be playing dad... sort of... dad with no other responsibilities. :)

We did the swap tonight when we went out to dinner with my mother-in-law. He's very fond of both of us so that makes it very easy (and obviously, the main reason why he's staying over at our house for the night). Lil' Recess and I shot some hoops in the driveway (my 30th birthday gift was a basketball hoop in my driveway... I'm a teenager at heart) and afterwards, we hit up Brusters for some ice cream. I'm not too crazy about ice cream so I didn't get any while Lil' went with the double scooper... I don't know why I am not all about ice cream. It always makes me thirsty afterwards and so I don't like that. Same reason I don't like lemonade. What drink makes you more thirsty after consumption???

It's a little past 10pm and so he's in bed, chillin with a book or something... meanwhile, I'm finally blogging and yet, it's got nothing to do with poker. Does that mean I'm not playing tonight? HA! Come on now. Let's not get too crazy. But I won't be staying up too late either cuz he was talking about maybe shooting some more hoops in the morning (and my guess is that his idea of morning is a little different from my idea of the "morning" which is like 11am...).

I've been meaning to post some of my recent cash game experiences but I want to get my thoughts together and get my hand histories organized so it's gonna take a while. And unfortunately, this is the month after the quarter end so we are pretty busy at work - yeah I know... with all the comments I'm leaving on other blogs, you'd think that's all I do... So, hopefully, I can put something together this weekend.

Before we went to bed, we showed him how to work the tv so he can keep himself entertained if and when he wakes up before we do. The first thing I whispered to Mrs Recess was if we needed to set the filter or parental control or whatever. She didn't think we needed to so we didn't... but she was surprised that I brought that up considering it didn't even cross her mind. We showed him which one was nickolodeon so hopefully that'll keep him entertained. We don't have HBO or Cinemax or whatever so should be ok... I think... Hell, he's also got a Nintendo DS so he can keep himself busy that way... either way though, I'm gonna be up a lot earlier than I'm used to on the weekends tomorrow... and I actually look forward to it.

24 hr dad baby!!! :)

Oh, and one quick note. I qualified for the iron man freeroll which unfortunately is happening tomorrow afternoon. So, I asked my friend to play in it. So, if you find "me" playing tomorrow afternoon and you see me donking around, it's not me. :) Which also means, if you rail me and I don't respond, it's not because I think I'm too cool now. What's in it for my friend to play the freeroll? Half the winnings (of the 210 players, top 90 pays... he better cash).


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

You thought of the parental lock, which is the first step to being a good parent.

The next one is...

"Son, when a man loves a woman a real ton..."

AnguilA said...

Seriously, quarter end and the rolling forecast presentation which I have finally put behind have taken away a few years off my life! Next year we have to skip it and play the Main Event!

bayne_s said...


Your friend rallied from running KK into AA early to cash. You should let him play your account more often

Sia said...

yea...the KK into AA was pretty brutal. Reminded me of the QQ that ran into KK at the Seminole the day before. My timing couldn't be better.
Happy to have battled back into the money though.
Lost with JJ. (aka - the worst hand in poker history).