Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm HOT!

This was supposed to be a weekend full of video games, ie NCAA 08 as I create myself and build myself up to be a campus legend... except my piece of shit PS2 is apparently dying... it's not completely dead yet... but it makes this grinding noise every once in a while and the game freezes every now and then. I completed one game but it froze again in the next... alas, I gave up. More poker shall be played. So, I dabbled in some cash games but decided to play a few more SNGs for a change. And this is how I've done so far...

Played in two tier 2 token SNG's ($26 buy-in) - Won a $75 token. (+$23)
Played in one $22 one table SNG - 7 of 9 (-$22)
Played in three $11 one table SNG - won one, bubbled another, 8 of 9... net (+$12)
Played in three $8.70 token SNGs - won a $26 token in all three ($+49)

That's a whoppin $62 profit baby! Ok, so nothing to go too crazy about but enough to get me the "HOT" status on Sharkscope. YEEEEEE HAAAAAAW

On a side note, I caved and ventured outside. The fact that my PS2 doesn't work really put a damper on my plans for the super degenerative loser weekend. So I actually jogged to the Y AND played some hoops. Well, I was just going to shoot around when this kid asked if I wanted to play 1 on 1. The kid was like 6'3" but I needed to get back into shape so I said sure. I whipped up on the poor kid. We played 3 games and I think the closest was 11-4. I was on fire. Come to find out though... the kid was only 16 yrs old... jeez... I think I was half his size when I was 16. Good to know that after a month of not playing ball because of my strained back and then food poisoning, I could still whip up on a 6'3" 16 yr old kid.


What difference does his skin color make? Ok, fine. Yeah, so he was white. So what?

I'm still a ballah!!!!


Poker Brian said...

you know sharkscope shows me down like $160, it never recorded my $1336 4th place finish in the 14k guaranteed.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Beating up on a 16 year olf kid. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

What are you going to do now? Pick on old ladies and girl scouts?



Matt said...

Dude, time to go pro.

In poker & in B-Ball. You can be the new Bo Jackson.

BTW, if you're into bball, check out my post at my other blog: