Monday, July 23, 2007

Trying something different

This weekend pretty much sucked. I had to work quite a bit this weekend which always puts a damper on to the weekend. But, even on the weekends, I generally play poker in the evenings so I guess it didn't really affect my poker playing too much. I recently decided that I wanted to focus more on tournaments so I've been playing in a few of those $26 tourney with 1000+ entrants but really haven't done anything. I came close to the money a few times with a pretty decent stack, only to lose before we make the money. But I've never been short around the bubble and since I'm not trying to cash, it really doesn't matter. General tendency seems to be that I medium stack reraises and I have AK, it's a race situation and I lose, crippling me. Shortly after that, I'm out. If I win the race in any of those situations, I'm at least top 20 in chips. I'm actually pretty happy with the way I've been playing.

Now I also figured that maybe playing a few SNG's might be good. I remember when I first started, that's all I used to play. And back then, you just had to be tight and you won your few share of the low buy-in SNGs. So, since I haven't played in a while, I decided to play a few low buy-in SNGs again. Now, my version of "a lot" of sng's is like 5... below is the screenshot from sharkscope.

This weekend, I played in 6 (I hear people laughing...). I won 3, came in 2nd on 1 and lost the other two. The games were incredibly soft... now of course, 6 is not enough of a sample size... and admittedly, sng's are not all that fun for me. But, it's a good way to learn to play short handed tables and such. Though with this competition, I'm not sure I'm learning...

One variation that I enjoyed is to have two of my friends jump in on the same table and do a last longer bet. I'm 2 for 2 on those, collecting $5 each from PouringReign and InigoMontoya76. It's always fun to celebrate a bad beat on your friends. What? Yeah, so I'm shallow. Hey, it's $5 in my acct. SHIP IT!


On a side note, Mrs Recess is going to Savannah, GA this weekend with all the girls in the family (her mom, her aunt, etc). She leaves Thursday and comes home Sunday. This means 3 days of total degeneracy by yours truly. I don't even know if I'll ever leave the house after work on Friday... maybe order in pizza, etc... Or I might host poker night again... But one thing I am going to do for sure. I'm gonna go buy NCAA 07 for my PS2. I love the NCAA football series and so as a part time video game junkie, I'll be playing that a lot. Hell, maybe I'll even start updating how my college career is going in the game. Always torn between the dynasty mode and the college legend mode. But I can't wait to play it.

Oh, and I almost forgot... don't forget tonight.


Mike Maloney said...

Haha, too funny, the fiancée is going to be out of town this weekend, and I have a very similar schedule set up as well. As much slacking off as possible, while seeing as little of the sun as possible.

Matt said...

Now we're talkin! Hit me up when you play the $5 SNGs, I'll take a last longer bet. Anything to help the bankroll challenge!

smokkee said...

GL in your MTT quest. it can be frustrating to go deep and not cash. but, perseverance will pay.

Sia said...

Did you say PS2? Dude, time to step it up with some of those poker winnings....PS3 style.