Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some things never get old - I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

So, in the midst of my weekend of degeneracy, I'm eating lunch and flipping through channels and then I notice that on Fox Classic Sports channel, they are showing what I think is one of the best college football bowl game ever.

I catch the game with 10 minutes remaining... Boise St is trying to close out their spectacular win with a victory in a major January bowl game against the classic big dog, University of Oklahoma.

Well, this is where things get really interesting.

With 1:26 remaining, OU scores a TD when a tipped ball is caught in the endzone. They still have to go for 2 so they do and they go with the classic fade (you know, QB floating the ball towards the back pylon of the endzone). Pass interference.

2nd chance, same play. Penalty. Illegal motion by OU. Back it up 5 yds.

If they don't score here, it's pretty much over. OU has no more time outs. Boise St could run out the clock.

3rd try for the 2pt conversion. From the 6yd line.

And they get it. QB was looking to pass to the outside but then saw the man crossing through the middle and zips it in there. Tied at 28.

And at 1:03 remaining, this is when I thought the game was over (the first time I saw it). Boise St, the cinderella team put up a great fight but in the end, the big boys from OU were gonna end it. OU scored a TD and 2 to tie it, and after the kickoff, the first play was a passing play that got intercepted and returned for a touchdown. OU 35 - Boise St 28

But Boise St wasn't there to just say they played in a major bowl game. I mean to put this in poker terms, it would be like playing in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and making it to the final table stacked with pros... and to play well until you are heads up with Johnny Chan or something.

But that Boise St... they didn't just want a nice story. They wanted it all.

First play after kick off, 36yd gain on a nice pass from (QB) Zabransky (Boise St). Is there hope? Just when you think there is, he gets sacked. 30 seconds remaining to what's already been an amazing game.

2nd and 18 - 20yd pass is broken up by OU.

3rd and 18 - Incomplete pass

4th and 18 - For those of you that don't follow football... I can't imagine you still reading but if you are, this is where in poker terms, you're down to the river, hoping for a one outer...

And the only card in the deck that helps you comes!

The game is tied with 7 seconds left in the game. Boise St 35 - OU 35

Now I have to admit. Even after this play, unless Boise St could ride the momentum somehow, it was going to be tough for them to beat OU in overtime. I mean they are probably spent, riding an emotional high. Unless they calm down, I felt like they might not be able to do it.

The very first play of OT, OU scores with Adrian Petereson's TD run. Now remember, in college, both teams get a chance to score and after each team gets a chance, if one team is winning, then it ends. OU capitalizes on its first attempt with a TD and an extra point.

Boise St 35 - OU 42

OU is defending well. 1st and 10 - No gain.

2nd and 10 - 3 yd gain on a pass to TE

3rd and 7 - 9 yd gain for a first down.

Unlike OU, Boise St is slowly moving up the field. Again. 1st and 10 on the 13yd line of OU. 2 yd gain on a rushing play. 2nd and 8. 7yd gain by Ian Johnson. 3rd and 1 on the OU 4yd line. Denied! 4th and 2 on the 5yd line. Boy, these guys like to keep things interesting. Another trick play! QB rolls out before the snap, run pass option, TD! Boise St 41 - OU 42.

And instead of trying to slug it out against OU, they're gonna try to end it right here. They are going for the 2. They get it, they win. They don't, they lose. And in honor of Zabransky being on the cover of this year's NCAA 08 video game, here's what happens.

God... that was such an amazing game. Here's a video of the highlights.

Damn, I love football.

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How the hell did I miss this game?!?!

You make me want to buy NCAA2008 now, you bastard.