Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey tourney players, dead money lives here

Well, an unfortunately early night for me when my 99 lost to Jeciimd's AQ on a rivered straight. Strange how that feels so much worse than say if an A were to fall on the flop. Almost worse cuz I flopped a set... only to see it come runner runner straight. I think I cried a little... So anyways, I couldn't go deep in what I thought was a tournament that I really had the chance to take down. I'm so pissed right now. So painful to have 2 hrs invested and then have nothing to show for while some others could do it day in and day out. I played in 2 other tournaments and busted out in both. The 28k, I was crippled early when my KK ran into AA and I never quite recovered. In the end, I had a chance to get back to my starting stack but I lost the coin flip. In the $75 token frenzy, I don't even remember... I lost some other close call or something... oh yeah, I had AK, couldn't catch up to the 66 and lost.

Sorry, this is a short post. I'm in no mood to type right now. I'm going to sulk and go to bed.


bayne_s said...

Tournament Poker Sucks

Cash much better, people don't like to commit their money without an edge but they fling tourney chips like monkey poop.

Astin said...

Welcome to tournament poker sir. You can't walk away, you can't buy back in, and Ax is gold except when facing too soooooooted disconnectors.

Anonymous said...

Tournament donk.

Cash is King remember.

I do feel your pain though.

Schaubs said...

Suck it up and keep grinding.

Sia said...

that sucks. I actually thought you were going to take that tournament were playing well. Especially when you knocked out PouringReign. That guys a beast!!!
(A beast that re-raises with J/8 off suit...whoopsies)