Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Impromptu PAPT last weekend!

I guess technically, this doesn't qualify as a PAPT event since no points were awarded to the finishers. It was more like a mini-big tourney (is this an oxymoron???) with the buy-in at $40, $15 more than the regular weekly tourney but $60 less than the BIG TOURNEY. Well, it was kind of a welcome back party for Sia, though it's not really since he's not back. He was just back in town visiting. It was a quiet, beautiful Sunday afternoon and people were ready for some action! From the moment the tournament kicked off at 1-2 blinds (starting chips T200), the betting was fast and furious. First monster pot sent Pat to the rail (well, more like out the door as he stormed out) when he flopped trips, bet out but got called by two players who both hit their nut straight on the turn and proceeded to bust him. Action continued to be very heavy throughout the day when I decided to get tricky with pocket kings in mid position with 6 players remaining. The blinds were 5-10 so I called. No raise caused 4 players to see the flop which came A-Q-x. It was a relatively safe pot but after the two blinds checked to me, I checked as well since Sia was behind me. Sia bet out T40 and we all folded. At the time, I didn't mind the fold because I didn't want to get into a big pot where I allowed a bunch of limpers and where I can be severely behind. But what I actually hated was the check on the flop. I should have at least put out a feeler bet. Oh well, I guess that's how I learn... though slowly.... The hand I busted out on without making the money??? That was another interesting one. There's an early position raiser who I didn't give much credit to. He raised it to T60 (blinds at 10-20) and I look down to see QQ in my hand. Now, I figured that there was a good chance he would call my reraise with a pocket pair as low as 88 and maybe even hands like AQ. I had about T350 behind me so I decided that this might be a good time to push. Maybe that was a little over aggressive in hindsight but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now this is where it got interesting. It was obviously folded to him and he sits there and agonizes... and agonizes.... he's thinking out loud, he's not sure, he even looks like he might fold.... At this point, I'm thinking he must have a hand like 10-10 or AK. He looks like he's genuinely in pain. So I'm guessing at worst case (for me), he must have AK. He finally goes "I have to call." And flips over... KK!!!! I couldn't believe it! I don't think he was slow rolling me... I mean he genuinely looked concerned. And he didn't appear to be that tight... that was just very weird. Oh well, that's how I busted out of the tournament. Sayonara baby!


Sia said...

Yea, on your KK hand, any feeler bet and I would have been out. Also, a raise on my feeler bet would have gotten me out. I can understand not doing either of those with the amount of chips I had, but then again, I'd want to try and get a little more out of my KK and make at least one play on them.

The KK slow roll was kind of terrible. I've never seen anything like it. I actually would have been pretty angry if I were you. I definitely thought you made the right play with the Queens though.

Alan said...

Yeah, I have to admit, that was pretty bad. I still have problems adjusting sometimes. Generally, I thought at that point, I would see a preflop raise so I was hoping to trap someone. Instead, a 4 way pot with an A on the board made me not want to bet. Once Sia bet out and the two blinds folded, I did sense that that didn't necessarily mean my hand was no good. But with the blinds so high and not having position, it was a hand I was willing to throw away. In hindsight, should I have raised preflop? Sure but then I would have only picked up the blinds and I wanted more to do more than that. Oh well, that's how I learn I guess.