Friday, February 2, 2007

2 tournaments at Full Tilt!

Ok, so it's hour #2... well, break #2 after 2 hrs of solid, sometimes lucky play... in two tournaments. I decided to focus a little bit more on tournaments this month instead of just playing the cash games and so I started a $24+2 buy-in tourney and a $150+13 buy-in tourney at 8. The $150+13 tourney started with 294 entrants and we're now down to 106 players. There are quite a few players at my table who are actually pretty solid so I'm not liking that. BUT, I am currently in 24th out of the remaining 106 so I do feel good about that.

On the $24+2 tournament, I am in the money. It started with 798 players and we're now down to 126. 127 was the cutoff for the money so now I'm in the money. On that one, I am currently in 89th out of the remaining 126 players so we'll see how much longer I can survive. I'm gonna have to make a move pretty soon because the blinds and antes are climbing up pretty quickly too. If you read this blog before the results, wish me luck!

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