Sunday, February 11, 2007

FTOPS event #3

Ended up 969 out of 2755 players. Last hand, I had pocket 5's cracked by KJ when the king hit the river, all in preflop. I was relatively shortstacked and the guy who called had like 5 times the chip count I had so it made sense. Considering right before that, I went all in with AK and everyone folded to me. What a tough end to an otherwise fairly well played tournament, in my opinion. The big donkish thing I did was when I pot committed myself with KQ against a guy who had AQ. That cost me a good chunk of my chips. Oh well. I'm not as upset with the way this one ended since I felt like I played fairly well but just got unlucky at the end. If I won that race, I was right back in the thick of things. 1st place prize of this tournament is over $150k... Man, can't imagine winning that kinda money online.


Sia said...

150K. Yea, that's good money. You'll see me winning about that much in a few months at the Hard Rock in Hollywood (the now infamous Anna Nicole location).

Sia said...

oh wait, "K" stands for thousand. That's my bad...I meant 150 dollars. But i'll work my way up to the thousands a couple months after that.

PS - I called into the "Ticket - sports Radio 790" tonight and repp'd out the Wizards to offset all the Miami Heat talk. I said, and I quote, "The Heat will probably win the East with a healthy Shaq but don't sleep on Gilbert "Hibachi" Arenas and Agent Zero. The Wizards are flying under the radar." He said the Wiz are good but don't have a big man and then turned the show over to talking about Arenas for the next ten minutes. Get Some.