Friday, August 31, 2007

This must be variance...

Nothing like following up the worst performance of the year with the best performance of the year.

July and August have been two months where I actually played less in terms of hours and number of hands. I took a few shots at higher levels and didn't do so well which brought my July profit to only $400+.

If I just look at the 2-4NL games that I most frequently play, my PT BB/100 was 5.57 in July and a very sizable 16.98 in August. I've read before that anywhere above 5 BB/100 is good so at least my performance is decent as is consistent (in terms of being at or above 5).

I don't know how much poker I'll play this weekend since I also have two fantasy football drafts this weekend.

So happy labor day weekend to all and have a safe and fun weekend. That's always +EV!

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Sia said...

Keep an eye on Kijana Carter this year. I'm expecting big things.