Thursday, August 2, 2007


Man... what a night. I played in the BBT freeroll for about 20 minutes and that's it... I showed up 10 minutes late and 20 minutes later, I ran my pocket 10's into J-goat's KK. GG me. I really have no excuses except to say that I wasn't feeling it tonight. I went to play basketball as I usually do on Thursdays when I'm healthy and left before 10 so that I could get back at a decent time. Huh? Shower? Hygiene is overrated anyways, no? Women like tough, rugged men... right? Ok, so I'm not all that tough and I guess I'm not rugged either... so I guess I'm just dirty. Well, now I'll be able to go take a shower.

Well, before I do that though, I finally got to check out the site that Don had mentioned on his site. It's for those that somehow missed his blog. I obviously went to check it out and like everyone else, checked out mine and some others and were shocked at the results... until I noticed something.

This is not an excuse by any means and I'm not in any way trying to tell you that I'm a decent tournament player... cuz if I were, I would be playing right now... instead of blogging. So, having said that, the site is not entirely accurate. Mainly because when you play a multitable tournament that is a satellite to another tournament, your tournament entry fee is not considered in the amount won. What do I mean? For example, let's say you play in the nightly token frenzy for $14+1. In the tournament description, it says $75 satellite token for the ones I won but net profit for that tournament shows $-15 because I didn't win any cash. So, during the last FTOPS, I won a supersatellite to enter into $216 satellite for the $1060 tournament. I won my entry to the $1060 tournament but it still shows as if I bought in for the full amount of $1060 without any corresponding winnings to net that out. It does part of it right though. So, it shows $0.00 for cost/profit for the $216 satellite that I qualified for. But still shows a $1060 buy in for the actual tournament.

So, after saying all this, what am I trying to prove? Nothing really except the fact that this site is not all that accurate. But, if you haven't gone there yet, this is what it shows for me.

And to show you what I'm talking about in regards to satellites, this is what I mean.

Notice how in the description column, it says "entry to tournament xxxxx" but there's zero in the amount won column and yet -$1060 in the profit column for the tournament that I satellited into? So in other words, it's as if I played in the satellite, didn't win and bought in to the bigger MTT. Believe me. If I'm preaching to you that I'm a tournament donk, I'm not gonna buy into a $1,000 MTT.

Why did I post this? Only because I was curious about how I was doing as well as bunch of others and at first glance when I saw mine, I was like "Holy shit. -$4,205!? That can't be right." And I knew it wasn't right because very recently did I do a piece about how much of a loser I was in MTT during my half year review and that revealed that I lost about half that. So, if I were to accurately paint the picture of how I'm doing in the MTT world, here's my stats from Pokertracker.

Now I've had PT since January of 2006 so this is cumulative stats since then. If I include SNGs, the amount drops (or improves) to ($1,790.90). Still a big loser but not quite as bad as it first appears when you just look up my name on that site. I mean come on.... if you're gonna display stats like that, track it properly. I already admit that I'm a MTT loser... I don't need them painting an even worse picture. :)

Having said all this, now that I know that satellites are considered a loss (sometimes) on that site, you really have to give it up to Chad. I know there are plenty of haters out there but to be able to show such a large positive amount is impressive. And if you consider that my loss per that site was actually double what my actual losses were, you can apply that to him and double his winnings... yeah, that's impressive.


Mike Maloney said...

Yeah, I wasn't terribly impressed with the site's accuracy. My largest source of profits from MTTs have been from my cash in the $24k, and my earnings in the BBT. None of that is even on there. That's $3,500 not even shown. I get the point Don was making, it would just be nice if the site was more accurate.

Chad C said...

Try as well. Its really weird, there is a huge difference between the two for me. People don't realize though that this is just full tilt. Have to remember that people play elsewhere as well......

AnguilA said...

Was going to offer you the same site Chad gave you...
Since I discovered it I'm on a quest to get to the top percentile, I'm a competition junkie!

Anonymous said...

I mentioned their errors in my post and I don't know why they can't get it accurate by including the satellites. Kind of lame really.