Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tuesday night poker - too short to blog!?

Tuesday night poker, aka PAPT... maybe I'm cursed, maybe I'm just really really unlucky, or maybe I'm not as good as I think. Whatever the reason, being busted out in the first hour when the blinds are still $3/6 is pretty bad no matter how you cut it. Someone mentioned that I needed to be in the tournament a little longer if I want to blog about it. Not true! But point taken. I just had a feeling it was going to be a relatively short night for me when I lost about half my chips early... we started at $1/2 blinds so I really had no business losing off about $90 in chips that early.... but here's how it went down. From about two or three away from the button, I raised to $7 with AQ. I get only one caller who was the button and also a pretty aggressive player with relatively loose starting hand requirements. So needless to say, I didn't like that an aggressive player had position on me after I raised but I felt better when the flop came A-K-8. I bet $15 and he calls. At this point, I put him on a weak ace or maybe even a hand like KJ/KQ/KT. Turn comes a ten and I bet out another $15 and he doubles it. Now, I'm concerned that he may have ace-ten or KT and caught his second pair but I call. With approx $90 in the pot and $15 more to call, that's plenty of pot odds there. River comes another 8 so the board looks like this: A-K-8-10-8 with no flush possibilities. I check, hoping keep the pot small and he bets out $40. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm beat. Unless he has K-T which was a possibility, the way the hand played out. So, literally, I put him on either A-10 or K-10 and with 145 in the pot and $40 to call, I was getting better than 3-1 odds on what I thought was a 50/50 situation between him having A-10 (which I can't beat) or K-10 (which I could beat, thanks to the 8 pairing on the board). So I call off another $40, just to see that he had a boat with A-8. Boom, there goes about $90 of my $175 starting chip.

After that, I really didn't catch anything but I didn't think I was really on tilt. I was just getting short stacked.... relatively speaking. I was down to $71 in chips and the blinds were at $3/6 when I got dealt AQ again. This time, I am on the big blind so I wait to see what happens. Well, early position player who is also aggressive raises to $20. Then right behind him, another player calls and now it's folded over to me. I was pretty sure one of them (if not both) had a pocket pair. But mainly, I put the initial raiser on a pocket pair based on the raise. Well, I figured that since I was relatively short and there was no way I was going to fold this hand, if I call, I'd be down to $51 and if I hit my hand, there was no guarantee that I was going to make any more money. And it's no guarantee that I hit my hand and I'm first to act. So, instead, I decided that I'd rather force it into a heads up coin flip situation or even better, have both of them fold. So, I pushed all in for another $51. Sure enough, I get one caller (the original raiser) who had JJ and it held up. I think I saw the flop 4 times excluding any unraised big blind situation and lost most of my chips in the two hands above. Was it a bad move to push in for another $51? Maybe. But I do know that I was not in the mood to try to grind it out with $51 and the blinds soon moving to $4/8. Again, I'm not sure if that's a result of me being on tilt or just a result of me being so shortstacked so early that I didn't leave myself the choice. I do know this. I never should have called that $40 bet on the river. My gut said fold. That's what I shoulda done.

On the plus side, there's a tournament online at Fulltilt that I wanted to play and it starts at 10pm. So, instead of playing till 11 or so and busting out 4th or something, I guess I'd rather be the first of the 9 to bust out and be home in time for this tournament. And there's always next week.


Anonymous said...

I like the all in move. You force one fold and put yourself in a coin flip situation as your worst case scenario. With a short stack you couldn't have played it any better in my opinion. You've got 50 weeks to turn it around. No worries.

Alan said...

Yeah, it's unfortunate that my previous bad call (the AQ vs A8) lead me to be the short stack which forced me to make this move. I was pretty happy with the situation even though I didn't catch the cards I needed.