Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Before it's too late... Happy New Year and Goals 2007

Happy New Year to everyone. My New Years actually was very nice. We were gonna join some of our friends to go out and celebrate like we used to in our younger days but the one place that I was interested in going closed at like 9:30... New Years Eve. This is a brewery we're talking about. I mean I thought they might actually have a special event or something but apparently, they're just closed. Hell, I'll even tell you where. It was Capital Ale House... hopefully, this isn't like slander (well, I know it's not slander but) or something. Maybe my lawyer friends could tell me if I need to remove their name. Anyways, we were gonna go there but since they were closed, that threw a wrench in our plans... so my friends actually ended up coming over.... Which was nice. Apparently, that's more up my alley. Hanging out, drinking, and chilling.... I find that more appealing than going out to clubs and bars. Boy, how things have changed.

Well, I am generally not a New Year's resolution kinda guy. I feel like if I need to have a goal, I'll have it whether it's the first of the year or September, or whatever. I don't feel like I need to come up with goals just because it's a new year. But, just to play along, I figured I'd come up with a few goals. So, here's my goal for 2007 in no particular order:

1. Winning an entry into a $10,000 event (whether it's WSOP, WPT, or whatever)
2. Winning a MTT tournament (multitable). I don't care what the buy in is or how many people there are (I would say minimum of 50 to qualify as a legitimate MTT) but I just want to win one.
3. Winning the PAPT Season 2.
4. Get to the point where I could profitably multitable 2-4 NL over the course of 3000 hands.

Obviously, these are my poker related goals. How realistic are they? I don't know. I honestly think I have the potential to achieve all 4. But honestly speaking, if I do achieve all 4, that would be quite amazing. But I also think these are realistic enough that I might be able to achieve one of them.... We'll see.


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I'm also shooting for entry into the WSOP. Game on.

Alan said...

It would be awesome if we both made it. HIBACHI!