Thursday, April 24, 2008

Better late than never

About 2 weeks ago, I was going to do a Vegas recap. Instead, work became really busy, Gus passed away, I went on tilt, and just basically, didn't allow me to recap Vegas. By the time it was all said and done, it seemed like it wasn't worth recapping. However, earlier this week, Don was at the table during the MATH or Skills or something (jeez, the whole BBT is making all the tourneys a blur) and asked if I had posted about the counterfeited straight flush. Admittedly, by then, my memory was kind of a blur so I told him all I remembered was that I had a straight flush but got counterfeited by the river and that I had a 7 card straight flush... But that got me to thinking... and then I look back at my notes of Vegas... and realized how bad I was running... This isn't a bad beat but it signifies how running bad and playing bad just combines the ill effects...

The said straight flush hand basically came like this. I had the Ah2h and I don't remember the preflop action but there were two of us that saw the flop at this loose, juicy 1-2NL (deep deep stacks) at the Venetian. Flop comes 3-4-5 all hearts. This is kind of a dream flop but also a tough one in the sense that first of all, I have a straight flush which is awesome. Except it's not the nut straight flush (6h7h has a better straight flush). I also have the Ah. So basically, I really can't make any money unless someone has trips and the board pairs. So, I check at which point, it gets checked around. The turn comes an interesting 7h, making the board 3h-4h-5h-7h. I check again, basically hating that card because now, even if someone held Kh, I'm not sure I get much action. River amazingly completes the straight flush on the board by putting 6h. Now I'm feeling sick because my hand is no good... fortunately, we both check and we chop the pot... As I show my 7 card straight flush...

That shoulda been the sign that it's not my week when you flop a straight flush and get counterfeited... sure, I coulda taken down the small pot by betting on the flop or even the turn but man... what are the odds!?

I will say this though. It was a lot of fun playing live poker and it was even more fun playing at the same table with Don. It was like call of the sirens when he kept asking me when I was gonna move to Vegas and take a shot at being pro. He said it best.

"You can play this [poker] all night long man, taking money off of tourists. Then you go home in the morning and wake up in time for the Mookie."


"But on Thursdays, you might have to set the alarm."

I laugh and we both say "cuz the Riverchasers start an hour early!"

I thought to myself, my god, THAT is the life!!!! (of a degenerate)

Now that the two Eurodonks I know have gone pro (well, the other is about to), I'm actually thinking it won't be too long (cuz I'm sooooooo jealous)... I have a number in mind that I have told some of you that I want to get to before I quit my job. Basically, I want my liquid assets to be $x before I quit. It's not really a secret and if anyone is curious, hit me up via girlychat or email and I'll be happy to tell you (it will prob also show how much of a bankroll nit I am). I just don't want to put it out here on the blog. But in the words of the great, I am de-schlubbing... And like Don always says, I can take a shot and if it doesn't work out, hell, I'm a CPA, I could get a job anywhere.


BWoP said...


I will be *testing the waters* this summer . . . but then again, I have the pesky law degree.

No doubt you can do it. But being comfortable with your roll is key.

Mookie said...

So set the line for the O/U on how many months (days) pass before you quit and go pro.

Fuel55 said...

Deschlubbing is where it is at.

And I have a fawking PhD.

AnguilA said...

I take the under wherever you set it...

Come on board! Join the club!

$mokkee said...

two words....

grow ballz

that is all.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I read most of your posts and compared to sub zero I bet your pro games would be entirely different.

His posts seem to be pretty upbeat and he tries to become a better player.

When you go pro I think You will over analyze your hands, and definetly log more time on the virtual felt then you currently do.

I also think you will rake in the $$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Whats your bankroll total need to be?

Email me at