Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vegas trip report (Part 2)

I don't even know where to start. Here I am, sitting at the Las Vegas Airport (McCarran Int'l), I discovered that they have free wi-fi! That's always a nice perk, in my opinion.

Well, honestly speaking, right now, I feel exhausted. Staying up till wee hours of the night or more like morning really does a number on my body and I am feeling the effects today. But, there's also so much I want to write so I figured, while I wait to board, I'll start typing up some stuff.

I've been debating how to do this. I wasn't sure if I should break it up into a report with each day I spent in Vegas being a separate post or if I should just lump them all into one uber long post. I have no idea so I'm just gonna start typing and see where I end up.

Last time I posted was a Tuesday, I believe. So much has happened after that. Of course, more poker was played and I'm gonna go into the whole poker thing later because I have so much to say about that as well. Well, on Wednesday, LJ arrived to Vegas so we decided to grab a few drinks before I got the official invite to go over to Chad's. Chad actually has a decent write up about that so you can go over to his blog and read that as well. Long story short, we had a blast. LJ and I took a cab and when we got to Chad's, Buddy and Don were already there. We exchanged greetings, started setting up for the BDR radio and got our laptops ready. I'll post some pics but it was very funny to be in this one room where Chad has a kickass setup with two big monitors (that's the secret to 16 tabling, apparently) and we're all sitting on the floor with our laptops playing the Mookie.

As most of you heard on the radio, we were having a great time. Somehow though, somewhere along the way, Don got really trashed... we don't even really know how it happened. But he was on fire with all the trash talking... now some of the things did get personal but we were all too hammered to care, I think... I know Don paid the price next day recovering from what had to be a massive hangover.

Well, LJ, Buddy and I decided to go back to the strip after it was all over (and congrats to PirateLawyer for taking it down btw) to meet up with CK who arrived later that evening. This was the beginning of me meeting a few of the bloggers.

Well, Thursday arrived and this was certainly a much anticipated day for me. As a blogger gathering virgin, I was very excited to see what this whole thing was going to be like. Also, I was really excited to meet in person, the people that I talk to a lot online like Fuel55, Schaubs, InstantTragedy, Bayne, etc. And I have to say... for those of you that have never been... it's a very interesting thing.

So, basically, as you talk to people and see their avatars on FullTilt, you start forming an image of what these people look like right? Well, some of them look nothing like you would imagine. The biggest shocker to me was Astin... for some reason, even though I knew he was like our age, I just had this image of him being older looking. Instead, he looks like he just walked out of a Abercrombie catalog or something (Astin, that's a compliment, FYI). And the same must go for the way I look... since apparently, Fuel and Schaubs had a prop bet with how much I weighed... Fuel apparently suggested something like 130lbs... (maybe he has no concept of lbs? Shoulda gone with kilograms, Fuel). Schaubs gave him extra 10 lbs but I weigh like 165 lbs... so I cost Fuel $5. Apparently, I was a lot taller than they expected (I'm 6'0, 165 lbs). All goes to show just how funny it is that the image you have of people and what they look like are totally different.

Anyhow, it was a blast meeting all these people and it certainly was a very interesting experience. Hopefully, many of you who have yet to come out to these gathering will one day experience this as well.

I'm noticing that this post is starting to get really long so I guess I will break it up into pieces.

Next up - from blogger buddies to friends.


Shrike said...

I sooooo want to make it in June for the next WPBT meet. I pray my Bar exams will be over by then. *crosses fingers*

Schaubs said...

Thanks for putting on that extra weight like I requested and earning my my second straight prop bet... it's the only +EV thing I had going.

Astin said...

I don't think I've ever walked into an Abercrombie. No, wait.. I have walked in. Then I turned around and walked out.

I'm not nearly as Metro as people claim. I don't get it. :)

BamBam said...

It was great to meet you Alan.
I wish the deck would've let me actually play poker with our table.

Ces't la vie. Maybe next time.

See you at the mookie or Riverchasers.

Until next time, GL and good cards.

ckbluffer said...

It was fun to play some poker with you! (And also nice to see your A-A finally hold up, even though you had to suck out to do it.)

Sia said...

Sounds pretty money. You have a lot more blogging to do on Vegas though. Never liked Don by the way...seriously. But you already knew that (and yes, i'm aware that he and his cohorts read your blog).

The image I have of all of you sitting on the floor at Chad's house with your laptops and playing the Mookie is actually pretty cool. That, strangely, would have been probably the favorite part of the trip for me had I gone. Pretty sure that makes me a loser. I'll be in Vegas on December 28th for a few days. If any of you bloggers will be out there...let me know.