Wednesday, December 19, 2007

PAPT Player of the Year lives here!


Going into tonight, the pot for the Player of the Year award was up to $625. With 9 players showing up tonight, another $15 was added to the pot to make it $640. There were only two other players who had the chance of catching me. Both Ramel and Shaun had 52 pts and I had 61 pts so one of them had to win this week and next week. Keep in mind, next week is Christmas day. But I'm pretty sure that if one of them had won tonight and they needed a win, they woulda scraped together enough people to have a tournament next Tuesday. So, this was starting to become like a NFL playoff scenario. I win the POY award by winning or Shaun and Ramel not winning. Odds were clearly in my favor.

Well, I got to the tournament a little late and surprisingly, by the time I got there, the two were already shortstacked. Without much drama (or rather, apparently, I missed all the drama), Shaun busted out when his AQ ran into AK. Ramel couldn't make much happen either when he busted out, courtesy of JT. Good work, JT. So in other words, I did nothing to really earn my money but I got paid. So I thought maybe if I win tonight, it would be a good way to end the season and also kinda put an exclamation mark to my PAPT POY win... alas, that didn't happen either when my top pair no kicker ran into TPTK in a blind v blind battle.

So, fairly anticlimactic end but then again, I'm $600 richer tonight so who cares.

One hand of note though... At PAPT, I have like these super jinxing powers. I mean I will call out a card that would lead to a bad beat and sure enough, the card will come. I did that to Tyke a few times and he generally now wants me to shut up... so I figured today would be a good day to repay my debts... the karma debts, that is. So, there's a preflop all in and Tyke calls with 88... much to his chagrin, his opponent has QQ. Even worse when the flop comes Q-5-6. Everyone goes "oh man, it's over." At this point, I was dealing the cards. So, right on cue, I go "7 and a 9 would do it." I peel off the turn card and sure enough, it's a 7. River? Do I even need to tell you? BOOM. 9. For a runner runner straight. Courtesy of me. Tyke, I'm glad we could end the year on a positive note. :)

Oh and the percentages? Hey PAPT crew, I told you. It's like 3% right. According to propokertools, Tyke had 3.33% chance of winning. You're very welcome.


tyke said...

Karma debt is now considered fully repaid, thank you. Andy and I were heads up and shifting stacks around, he wanted to get to his g/f, so we chopped the pot for an even more anticlimatic end to the year - hahaha....

lucko said...


Schaubs said...

You are the amazing Recess now! You have super powers!

nice work, were you ever worried?

I doubt it.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Congrats Alan.

So when will you start your domination of the 2008 PAPT league? March or April