Friday, December 14, 2007

Bad beats galore

This is starting to get downright ridiculous. First, my donk work blocks blogger so I can't post from work. They also block off the comments window so even though I can read other people's blogs, I can't comment on them. Ghey.

And now this... On Wed, I go home, still feeling the slight effects of Vegas and get ready to play the Mookie. I boot up my laptop and am greeted by the blue screen of death. Yes, I have Windows. After a few attempts, I'm on the phone with Dell support which after an hour or so they tell me that it's very likely that my hard drive is dead.

By then, it's 8:30pm. 1.5hrs till the Mookie starts. Dell tells me that they will get me some software so I could at least get to windows to try to salvage what's on my hard drive. Most important would be my PT database and my Quicken file.

Well, in the meantime, I will be without a computer. My work laptop can't even download unauthorized softwares... So I did what any uber degenerate would do. I hauled my ass to the nearby Apple store and bought me a Mac book. $1,099. I then hauled my ass back home. It's like 9:50pm at this point. 10 more minutes till the Mookie starts. Still haven't registered for the tournament.

I boot up my Mac. It takes you through some welcome setup phases which I quickly click through and voila, there's the desktop. I hurry my way to, download fulltilt, and I finally get to register... with 2 minutes to spare.

Though I didn't cash in the Mookie, I did make up for about half the cost of my laptop playing cash games with cmitch, lucko, fuel, ck31, and a few other bloggers so that worked out well.

And, of course, most importantly, I got my 200 pts for the day.

I have one more piece remaining for the winter gathering which will recap the tournament and then I'll go back to some poker content.


Mike Maloney said...

Now that's a points junkie story if I've ever heard one.

$1100? No problem AS LONG AS I GET MY POINTS.

Chad C said...


lightning36 said...

Just shoot that poker right in the ol' veins, why don'tcha?

Ryan said...

oh man...good times.

and i thought i was bad when i rationalized losing $100 to my girlfriend by saying, "but i was able to get about 300 VPPs"

nh sir.

BWoP said...

Wow. I had no idea you were having such a puter disaster night. Glad I could contribute to the puter fund . . .

F*&king Presto.

カズ said...

Welcome back to Mac world, アラン。
Most likely データはリカバー出来る筈だから簡単にデルのハードディスクは捨てるなよ。それと今度から必ず大事なデータだけはこまめにバックアップしておく事だな。

それと新しいMac bookはIntel CPUなので簡単にWindowsもboot出来るからWindows OSのシステムソフトもあるならとって置いて時間があったらインストールすれば今までのソフトも問題なく使える筈。知ってると思うけど。

Sia said...

Wow. So I guess the Mookie entry last week was $1,020.00. geesh.