Saturday, December 1, 2007

I will go buy a lottery ticket... NOW!

I don't want the "I really got lucky in the Mookie" to be like the "I really love this country" that Antonio Esfandiari always utters at High Stakes Poker but oh my god... (if you don't watch the show, Antonio is always saying how much he loves this country whenever there's sick betting going on in that show).

In order to improve my tournament game, I decided to join PokerXFactor and one of the cool features they have is the tournament playback to basically recreate the whole tournament based on the hand history that you upload. Within there, there's what's called a "PUFF" factor... I don't know what it stands for but basically, it's the luck factor in terms of the cards dealt. 50 is average and 100 is the highest.

I expect to fall victim to numerous set over set situations, opponents catching ridiculous runner runner draws, and lose every coinflip in the coming months...


Mike Maloney said...

This all means you're going to Gigli out of the TOC due to a one-outer on the river.

James.hille said...

I guess you may probably think that we should not depend only on luck.. Yes of course i agree with you, but some times it's completely depends on luck.. when checking out for lotteries we can indefinitely say that we may win..